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Gina Lynn was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican and Italian parents, and moved to Central New Jersey at the age of seven after they divorced. I attended public school there, and when I was 10, my mother remarried to a man whom I call my saving grace because he brought us together as a family which now included a half-brother. I then switched to a Catholic school so that I better prepare for a college education. But there I felt like a bit of an outsider. I was always kind of shy and didn't feel comfortable with these rich preppy kids. While in school, I took a part-time job at an area department store and began to socialize with friends who were older. It was a new experience for me. I started to get different attention. Not from boys, but from older guys and I loved it. During that time I met a guy who said I oozed sex. That always stuck in my head. That's how it all started. With this new group,made I friends with a girl who worked as a dancer at a local bikini bar called Heartbreakers, who bragged about the money she made. I decided to try it out, and for the rest of my senior year in high school, I danced on the weekends. The money was incredible. I was making $600 to $1,000 working weekends as opposed to a measly $150 weekly paycheck. Of course I got addicted to the money. I tried to hide it, but my mother found out and of course tried to get me to stop. I worked in New Jersey for two years, and then a change happened when I saw this club called Al's Diamond Cabaret on the news. A huge brawl broke out when the patrons came to see LaToya Jackson and paid $40 a head to get in. She didn't want to take her clothes off as agreed to, and the patrons were upset and all kinds of fights broke out. It got ugly and made the news. I thought that had to be an incredible club to be able to have a celebrity like LaToya make an appearance. At that time I didn't know about features. The clubs I worked at in New Jersey never had them. I went to an amateur night at the club, and was totally nude for the first time in public. I really got a high off of the experience, especially when I won and the club asked me to be a regular attraction there. Throughout the years working at Al's, I met many feature dancers who would pass along their contacts to different photographers, one of which I shot my first-ever layout for Cheri magazine in 1997. I also met a feature entertainer who introduced me to Hot Body Video, who then flew me out to Los Angeles to do a dance bikini contest and softcore nude video scenes. While out there, I was offered to do a masturbation scene and accepted. I was named their girl of the year and the ball really started rolling then. I then met Travis Knight and fell in love. We decided that we would get married and further our career together. I began traveling the country as a feature act and doing magazine layouts, both by myself, and with Travis. One of the photographers asked if we would be interested in shooting a video scene together for a movie called 18 in Vegas, and we agreed, not thinking that it would go beyond this. After the video circulated, the phones started ringing. We attended that year's AVN show in Las Vegas and began weighing our options and making movies, before quickly signing as an exclusive contract performer for Pleasure Productions. Although Pleasure Productions was not the biggest company, they owned IVD which is one of the largest distributors in the industry. This brought about a string of personal appearances and secured more exposure and popularity for myself as a feature entertainer. In 2002, my mainstream appeal skyrocketed when I answered a casting call to be a "Bada Bing" girl on the HBO smash "The Sopranos" and as a stripper on the hit NBC show, "Third Watch." I also was called in for a similar role (which made the movie's trailer) in the Robert DeNiro/Billy Crystal blockbuster, Analyze That. Hip hop giant Eminem saw me in the movie and wanted me as the main girl in his video for the chart-topper (and included on the DVD for his runaway hit 8 Mile), "Super Man," which was a huge story in the mainstream world and covered by such outlets like "Entertainment Tonight." I stayed under contract with Pleasure for three more years and had six months off to do some independent projects. Travis and I received a distribution deal through Exquisite and invested in Gina Lynn Productions, which kicked things off with our ongoing series, Top Notch Bitches. Wanting to move our career even further, I left pleasure and signed a new contract about six months later with Club magazine and their video division. At the 2005 AVN Awards, I won gonzo DVD of the year for Gina Lynn's Darkside, which was released through Jules Jordan Video for Evil Angel prior to my Club contract. Travis and I were also featured on the HBO documentary "Thinking XXX" where we publicly announced our marriage which they had kept secret due to the fact that we thought fans might not like me as much. Ironically, my career has never been stronger. I'm no longer under contract with another company so I'm able to perform scenes for Gina Lynn Productions. Travis and I continue to work as a team rolling out new titles each month. Our goal is to open our own Adult Video Store, which will be called Gina's Toy Box. Gina Lynn is a true adult superstar with things her way.

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