Grace Park

Grace Park
==Introduction== Grace Park (born March 14, 1974) is an American-Canadian actress of Korean descent. She is best known for her outstanding, subtle performances in delineating Sharon Valerii and the various iterations of her character, "Number Eight," on the revival of the space opera ''Battlestar Galactica''.


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Grace Park Introduction

Grace Park (born March 14, 1974) is an American-Canadian actress of Korean descent. She is best known for her outstanding, subtle performances in delineating Sharon Valerii and the various iterations of her character, "Number Eight," on the revival of the space opera Battlestar Galactica. Park previously appeared as "Shannon Ng" in the Canadian teen-soap television series Edgemont. Images of Grace, heavily photoshopped, have often adorned Maxim and other lad magazines.

Grace Park Biography

Born in Los Angeles, California, Park and her family moved to Canada when she was 22 months old. She was raised in a Korean community in Vancouver. Grace Park graduated from Magee Secondary in 1992, holds a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia and speaks English and Korean, along with some French and Cantonese. She is currently studying Spanish. As of 2005, Park lives in Vancouver with her husband, real estate developer Phil Kim. She was named #93 in Maxim Online's 2006 List. She is one the favorite actresses of US-Canadian joint productions.

After getting her psychology degree, Grace did some work in commercials and had fun, so she decided to try acting for a year. As a newcomer to the business, she had to pursue work, she said. That paid off quickly, as she landed the role on Edgemont with Kristin Kreuk.

"I was also in Hong Kong at the time, and I got a lead in a martial arts feature, even though I can’t really do martial arts… they didn’t care," Park said in an interview on The Sci-Fi World. "I was offered that, and at the same time, Edgemont came along, and I had to choose, so I decided to come back to Canada."

That success led to Grace being cast on BSG. Although passed over for Dualla and Starbuck, she ended up with the more challenging role of Sharon/Boomer, a Cylon clone quickly presented on the show in two different versions. The complicated dual role had writers and directors feeling their way along, but Park quickly established both characters and later variations.

In the original BSG, Boomer was played by a man. While making the gender change, the new show emphasized Grace's boyish figure, usually putting her in military uniform, fatigues or work clothes. While not nearly as glamorous as fellow Cylon Tricia Helfer, Park had her share of more feminine plotlines, as her character gave birth to a human/cylon child.

Park had a role in the 2007 movie West 32nd, a crime drama dealing with New York City’s Korean underworld. In 2008, Grace joined the Canadian TV show The Border while also being cast in the new US show The Cleaner. Both were renewed for a second season. Neither part was as challenging as her role on Battlestar Galactica, but the combination kept Grace in the public eye in both countries. The Border made it through a third season, but was canceled in January 2010.

That freed Grace for CBS' entirely unnecessary remake of Hawaii Five-0. As on BSG, Park was cast as a character who was a man on the original show, detective Kona "Kono" Kalakaua. She is the cousin of the character played by Daniel Dae Kim, and envisioned as a new graduate of the police academy to correspond to Grace's extremely youthful appearance. In interviews, Park described her as "a tomboy," who "likes to roll with the boys" with numerous fight scenes.

Grace joked with PopWatch that she hopes to continue to take over male roles. "My next goal is to do J.R. from Dallas," she said. "Then maybe Larry from Three's Company."

Perhaps to counter that image, the premiere featured scenes of Grace in a bikini and stripping down to panties and a Wonderbra. In a bikini, Grace Park is so thin she hardly casts a shadow. Still, if you were 37 but looked 16, you might opt for minimal clothing. "Apparently, it's possible to have a flat ass and a flat chest and still be sexy," said of Park.

In a story in USA Today, Park said her bikini scenes make sense in the tropical locale. But she called for equal representation. "I keep telling them to put the boys in these really small outfits," she joked. "Why don't the three guys go undercover as Chippendales?"

Grace's career choice seems to be paying off so far. Although not a gigantic hit, Hawaii Five-0 has done well in the ratings, ranking about 20th in its initial season, the second best showing for any new drama. Park said shooting in Hawaii has been essential to the show's success.

"It would be a detriment if you tried to move it somewhere else because we live and breathe it," Grace said in the newspaper interview. "We hear the inflection and the pidgin, we know the way of life, the pace, the energy of the people, the Aloha spirit. I can ask one of the camera assistants, 'How can I pronounce this word correctly?'"

In return, the company has tried to help its community, holding a workshop in downtown Honolulu for local actors.

""I think it's really really important because it's not just audition classes or on camera classes," Grace told Hawaii New Now. "It's all the scene study, then there's improv, and there's Alexander (technique), there's voice, there's movement."

"Acting is life with all the boring stuff cut out," she said. "They wouldn't care about Kono buying a new bikini."

The show wrapped its first season in April 2011, but producers expected to reassemble the crew in June and begin shooting again in July.

When not trying to pass as a surfing crime-buster, Grace Park has appeared as Lt. Sandra Telfair in Electronic Arts' Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars along with her Battlestar Galactica co-star Tricia Helfer.

Grace Park Personal

In 2004, Grace married Korean-Canadian real estate developer Phil Kim in Mexico. They honeymooned in India.

Grace Park on the Web

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