Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs
==Introduction== Holly Marie Combs was born December 3, 1973 in San Diego, California. Her mother, Lauralei was 15 and father 17 when she was born.


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Holly Marie Combs
San Diego California
United States
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Holly Marie Combs Introduction

Holly Marie Combs was born December 3, 1973 in San Diego, California. Her mother, Lauralei was 15 and father 17 when she was born. Albeit her parents got married, it did not last long (2 years). Even though it was a desolate start, Lauralei took great care of her. At the age of eight, Holly moved to New York with her mother, Lauralei, who had hopes of being an actress and singer. Holly went to Professional Children’s School to study acting with Ernie Martin being one of the teachers.

Holly Marie Combs Life Story

Holly’s career started in commercials and print ads when she was 10. She obtained her SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) card when she appeared in “Walls of Glass” aka Flanagan (1985), in which her mother Lauralei had a roll. She also appeared in “Sweet Hearts Dance” (1988) with Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon, had a small roll in Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July” (1989), worked on Soaps “The Guiding Light” and “As The World Turns”, had a small cameo in “New York Stories” (1989) and appeared in a pilot for CBS called Rockenwagner.

Holly’s big break arrived when she landed a roll as Kimberly Brock of “Picket Fences” (1992-96). The show has won 14 Emmys during its four-year run on CBS. She obtained the roll after not starting on a decent note with David E. Kelly. He made the character to have a big heart and felt Holly did not fit the roll, which to her response was “What are you doing in New York City?”. A couple months later, she got a call from him saying she should be flattered for the reason he changed the character’s personality to resemble more of Holly’s. Many critics admired her roll as Kim.

During and after Picket Fences she landed rolls in numerous movies including (not limited to):

  • Simple Men (1992)
  • Dr. Giggles (1992)
  • Chain of Desire (1992)
  • A Perfect Stranger (TV) (1994)
  • Sins of Silence (TV) (1996)
  • Love’s Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder (TV) (1997)
  • Our Mother’s Murder (TV) (1997)
  • Vector (Independent) (1996)

She also starred in the hit WB (now CW) drama Charmed that ran for 8 seasons. Her long time friend Shannen Doherty mentioned the show to her, and invited her to come and try out. Holly auditioned for Prue and Shannen for Piper, but the producers thought it would be best to have them switch rolls. In the end, she became Piper Halliwell along side Shannen (Prue) and Alyssa Milano (Phoebe).

At the beginning of season 4 of Charmed, Holly worked with Rose McGowan as Paige who replaced Shannen. During the series of Charmed, she met her future husband David W. Donoho who was a Key Grip on the show. When on the set of Charmed, Shannen and Holly looked into a mirror to check their outfits, when suddenly it cracks without anyone touching it. One of her favorite episodes is “Awakened”.

Holly Marie Combs and David Donoho were married on February 14th, 2004. She was 7 months pregnant at the time.

Holly Marie Combs Current Status

She lives in Bell Canyon, San Fernando Valley, California with her family of two kids Finley Arthur Donoho (Age 3) and Riley Edward Donoho (Age 1) alongside husband David W. Donoho.

Holly Marie Combs Facts

She supports many charities, which include (Not limited to):

She is also a Spokesperson for Breast Cancer awareness.

Charmed is the longest running series to star a multiple female lead, beating out Laverne & Shirley

Pets in her life include:

Quarter Horses: Jesse, Jake and Jezebel

Dogs (two are her husbands): Hugo, Travis, Sugar, Thunder and Lola (Lola was a gift from Alyssa’s mother)

Cats: Blue and Selina (Named after Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman)

Lovebirds: Lollipop and Flower (She allowed fans to name them)

Also has four rabbits and a koi fish.

Had a turtle, but gave it to a friend who has a big pond when she gave birth, in fear of salmonella threat. Use to have two physically challenged hamsters (one overweight, one with three legs), which were once classroom pets of Storm Lydon’s which they brought home over the summer. When she was a youth, she got a Siberian Husky named Wiley as a gift from Don Johnson.

Holly and Shannen were eating at a restaurant and a mother introduced her daughter to them explaining they were the witches of the TV show Charmed. The daughter backed away slowly in fear, which in turn almost made Holly cry.


  • Food: Italian (just about all kinds), Cheeseburgers, Coca Krispies and Bacon
  • Books: “Practical Magic” By Alice Hoffman & “The Garden of Eden” By Ernest Hemingway; Holly – "I love his lyrical and palatable writing. It's pure escapism to another time and place."
  • Music: Many genres from Country to Hard Rock. Huge Fan of Remy Zero
  • Actress: Susan Sarandon, Courtney Love
  • Subject: English (Math is Worst)
  • Movie: Wild at Heart
  • Comedian: Chris Rock
  • Color: Blue

She was 13 when she became a certified Scuba Diver

Prefers to be called Holly and not “Holly Marie” due to her mother calls her that when she is angry.

Due to work schedule on Charmed being 6AM – 7PM, she would show up on the set in her pajamas to get the extra rest needed.

Never went to college

Won several awards in her acting career including Young Artist in a New TV Series “Picket Fences”

Does Pilates and Yoga to stay in shape

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