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  • Ali Sonoma

    Ali Sonoma


    Ali Sonoma has the nickname of "Fine Wine Country" which is an obvious play on her last name. While this is maybe the least clever nickname anyone has ever had, her "finess" cannot be disputed. In fact, her hotness is the cause of hatred and depression among many of

  • Ali Carr

    Ali Carr

    Ali Carr is a beautiful Canadian model.

  • Ali Fedotowsky

    Ali Fedotowsky

    Ali Fedotowsky was the chosen girl on the hit reality t.v show The Bachelorette. In June 2010 Ali and her Fiancee Jake Pavelka, split up and the wedding was called off. Ali had to give back the ring. Stay tuned for more drama we're sure.

  • Ali Landry

    Ali Landry


    Ali Landry is the gorgeous beauty who shot to fame when she starred in the 1998 Super bowl Doritos commercial, check her gallery. In case you don’t recall that commercial (who are we kidding, it’s every males fantasy) Ali puts a bunch of Doritos in a clothing

  • Laila Ali

    Laila Ali

    Laila Ali (born December 30, 1977 in Miami Beach, Florida) is a professional boxer. She is the daughter of Muhammad Ali and his third wife Veronica Porsche Ali. She was their second child and is the most famous of the nine children born to Muhammad Ali.

    Ali has a degree in