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  • Tiffany Fallon

    Tiffany Fallon


    The superhot cheerleader turned Playmate of the Year, Tiffany Fallon is the hottest thing to come out of Florida since, well, ever.

    LIfe Story

    Tiffany Fallon was 31 years old when she became the 2005 Playmate of the Year, making her the second oldest Playmate of the Year in the magazine's history.

  • Siobhan Fallon

    Siobhan Fallon

    Though eagle-eyed television viewers are likely to recognize actress/comedienne Siobhan Fallon from her early '90s stint on Saturday_Night_Live or her role as Elaine's roommate on Seinfeld, the talented performer has essayed numerous small but memorable roles in such Hollywood blockbusters as Forrest_Gump (1994), Men in Black (1997), and Daddy_Day_Care (2003).

  • Tiffany Diamond

    Tiffany Diamond

    Tiffany Diamond . is a Hungarian pornographic actress. Tiffany is known by other nicknames like "Blondie," "Andrea H", "Andi", "Violet" and "Tiffany Rose," began her career in the adult film industry in 2001, she has made around 50 films so far (2007).

  • Tiffany Hopkins

    Tiffany Hopkins

    Tiffany Hopkins is a porn actress from France. Hopkins has starred in almost a hundred porno films with co-stars such as Rocco Siffredi and Randy Spears.

  • Tiffany Shepherd

    Tiffany Shepherd

    Tiffany made news in April 2008 when her small minded school fired her for getting a summer job as a hostess on a fishing boat

    Since being fired from teaching, the negative media publicity from the St. Lucie School board has made it impossible for Tiffany to get a job in