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Sunnaz, "the gipsy girl": Are Soy Milk, Soy Protein, Tofu, and other ... Sunnaz, "the gipsy girl" ... take thyroid hormone. Higher oral doses of thyroid hormone were needed when she consumed soy — she presumably used iodized salt so iodine intake did not prevent the goitrogenic effects of soy.

Prison » The TSA Is Still Groping Children In Airports At a Kansas airport, a four year old girl was called a “suspect” and ordered to undergo a full patdown by TSA officers after hugging her grandmother during the screening process. In a Facebook post, which has since been removed pending a formal complaint, the girl's family noted that .... bulletproof checkpoint booths for the highways, iodine tabs to short term protect their stormtroopers from radiation, surveillance drones with tazers or worse, also coming SOON.

Raw Milk Experiment | The Girl's Guide to Diabetes -More minerals and Iodine and Folate. -Protection against asthma and allergies in children (pasteurized milk has been strongly associated with the increase in asthma, allergies, ADD, auto immune diseases and more.

Child Takes Stand in Sex Case Against Michael Gardner | NBC4 ... A 10-year-old girl was the first witness called by prosecutors in the child sex case against well-known Falls Church community activist Michael Gardner.

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