The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show

There’s a lot of talk show TV out there. And it’s very popular. Take, for example, The Jerry Springer Show, which has been going strong since 1991 and even spawned a spin-off show, The Steve Wilkos Show, which has also been quite popular.

The popularity of Jerry Springer helped to spawn a genre of "Shock TV" which focuses more on the outlandish, outrageous, chaotic, sometimes perverse and quite often shocking to garner huge TV Nielsen ratings; the genre probably was ushered into the American conciousness with the successes of The Morton Downey Show, a public affairs/debate oriented talk show in the mid to late 1980"s, where a heated confrontation was capable of erupting any second, and the Geraldo show, where the host, former ABC news correspondent and TV personality Geraldo Rivera once had his nose broken trying to break up a studio brawl that began between a heated argument between a Klansman and Civil Rights activist Roy Ennis in 1990!

The Jerry Springer show, much like many of its counterparts like The Jenny Jones Show, and The Maury Show, usually has ordinary everday people as guests, but many of the guests often have outrageous circumstances going on in their lives that are paraded on the TV screen, and which usually result in the usual melee between the confronter and the confronted (which is usually broken up by staff and camera people, including security man and one time Chicago cop Steve Wilkos) such as I didn"t know that my boyfriend was a woman, I cheated on my girlfriend with her mother (or brother, or male cousin), and I love to walk around the house and in the backyard naked! It has also featured porn stars, strippers, and the occasional wanna-be pimp in its hallowed studio!!!

The often controversial program, which itself had started out as a public affairs oriented program in 1991 (Jerry himself was once the Mayor of Cincinnati in the 1970"s as well as a local TV news commentator there), changed its subject format in 1992, and by 1998 had become so popular that it spawned a big screen comedy film Ringmaster, which was directly based upon, and kinda a lampoon of, the widespread appeal of the Jerry Springer circus that program has become.

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