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Julie Condra

Julie Condra
Julie Michelle Condra was born on December 1st, 1970, in Ballinger, a small town in West Texas. Soon after moving to San Antonio at the age of 9, she appeared in a few television commercials.


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Julie Michelle Condra was born on December 1st, 1970, in Ballinger, a small town in West Texas. Soon after moving to San Antonio at the age of 9, she appeared in a few television commercials. She also began modeling shortly after and became in demand with commercials, runway and print assignments. She became Miss Texas Pre-Teen at age 11 and Miss Texas Teen at age 14.

Even when Julie was a very little girl she always liked to perform for friends and family. She would make up dances, do the splits--anything to show her talents. She knew all the words to the commercial jingles and would sing and act them out. She entered a couple of pageants just so she could perform. Her mother, Priscillia, took her to LA the summer she was 15 planning on staying for the summer only, but Julie started working there and never moved back to San Antonio. Julie's mother still acts as her agent -- after all she's now a talent agent who brings 16 young actors into show business each summer. In 1992, at the age of 21, Julie married longtime sweetheart, Brandon Douglas, whom she had met on the set of Papa Was A Preacher when she was 14. They divorced three years later.

Julie Condra's acting career spans many genres of television and film and as of 1999, around 15 years of work. Around 1985, at the age of 15, Julie began a string of guest star roles on many popular television shows. The list of shows includes: Who's the Boss, Married with Children, The Wonder Years, Weird Science, Walker Texas Ranger, and Diagnosis Murder. Julie made four notable appearances as the unforgettable "Madeleine Adams" on The Wonder Years from 1990-1991. Julie co-starred on the 1991 NBC series Eerie, Indiana as "Syndi Teller" and even played herself in one episode. In the past few years, though, Julie has focused more on movie roles, appearing in movies like Gas, Food, Lodging, Danielle Steel's Mixed Blessings and Nixon.

Julie caught the eye of film director Christophe Gans because of her acting abilities and her striking likeness to the character of "Emu O'Hara" in a film Gans was directing. Julie played a leading part in that movie, Crying Freeman Crying Freeman premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 1995 and has finally been released into US and German markets in 1998-99. On January 5th, 1998, Julie married Mark Dacascos, an actor and skilled martial artist who had played the leading role in Crying Freeman. The marriage took place in Lana'i, Hawaii.

Julie has been very busy the last months. Besides filming her newest movies, Svitati (with Mel Brooks and Ezio Greggio) and Michael Landon: The Father I Knew , Julie recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, she's studying Chinese, she flies on the trapeze and she got certified as a weapons specialist. If she ever comes home she cares for her dogs Pearl (a yellow lab) and a Alex (a Bichon). Julie and Mark spend their time between LA, Vancouver and Hawaii. In 200 they had a son named Makoa Dacascos.

Appearing as a television talk show host's assistant, Shelly, Julie shared a brief scene with actor Christopher Walken in the movie Touch in 1997. Her latest big screen movie, Mel Brooks' Screw Loose (aka Svitati) premiered February 1999 in Italy. Julie's most recent appearance was as "Cindy Landon" in the television movie Michael Landon: The Father I Knew, which aired on 23 May 1999 on the CBS television network in the United States.

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