Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar
==Introduction== Julie Newmar is an American actress, dancer, singer and entrepreneur. Her most famous role is Catwoman in the ''Batman'' television series.


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Julie Newmar Introduction

Julie Newmar is an American actress, dancer, singer and entrepreneur. Her most famous role is Catwoman in the Batman television series. Her bust measurement is 37C, but chickipedia's archaic interface does not allow it.

Julie Newmar Career

Stage and film Her first major role, for which she was billed as "Julie Newmeyer", was as one of the brides in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954). Her 90-second Broadway appearance as the leggy "Stupefyin' Jones" in the musical Li'l Abner in 1956 led to a reprise in the 1959 film version.

Newmar also appeared on Broadway in the non-musical 1961 play, The Marriage-Go-Round, which starred Claudette Colbert. She re-developed the stock character role of the sexy Swedish vixen and won a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress. Later she appeared on stage with Anthony Newley in a national tour of Stop the World - I Want to Get Off and as "Lola" in Damn Yankees!.

Television Much of Newmar's fame stems from her television career, especially her roles in certain well-remembered television series. Newmar starred as "Rhoda the Robot" in the short-lived TV series My Living Doll (1964-1965). She is best known for her 13-episode recurring role on the 1960s TV series Batman as the "purrfect" villainess, Catwoman (portrayed in the related 1966 feature film by Lee Meriwether and in the series' final season by Eartha Kitt).

In 1962, Newmar appearaned twice as motorcycle-riding, free-spirited heiress Vicki Russell in the TV series Route 66. She also guest-starred on iconic TV shows The Twilight Zone, F-Troop, The Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart. In 1967, she guest-starred as April Conquest in an episode of The Monkees and as a pregnant princess in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Friday's Child". She had guest roles in 1970s series Columbo and The Bionic Woman.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Newmar appeared in several low-budget films. She also guest-starred on TV shows including The Love Boat, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Hart to Hart, CHiPs and Fantasy Island. She was seen in George Michael's video clip Too Funky in 1992 as well as appearing as herself in a 1996 episode of Melrose Place.

Julie Newmar Entrepreneur

Newmar invented and marketed her own brand of pantyhose, "Nudemar," in the 1970s & 1980s. She holds three U.S. patents: 3,914,799 and 4,003,094 for "Pantyhose with shaping band for Cheeky derriere relief" and 3,935,865 for "Brassiere." After further education at UCLA in the early 1980s, Newmar began investing in Los Angeles real estate. As an article about the actress has noted, "Newmar is partly responsible for improving the Los Angeles neighborhood at La Brea Avenue and Beverly Boulevard."

Julie Newmar on the Web

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