Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona
Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona, nick named Kezza, was born on 6th September 1980 at Warrington, Cheshire in England,U. K.


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Kerry Jayne Elizabeth Katona, nick named Kezza, was born on 6th September 1980 at Warrington, Cheshire in England,U.K. The 5’3” Kerry is an accomlished writer and television host. Kerrie also tried her skills as a pop singer with Atomic Kitten, a famous all girls band.

Kerry Katona’s grew up with her mother and foster parents. Kerry in her early childhood was under care of four sets of foster parents which made her change schools frequently, finally She renounced her school & joined a dance group and adopted the profession of a stripper at an age of 16. She got fame when she was member of Atomic Kitten. Atomic Kitten was a major success in South East Asia however acheived limited success in the U.K. In 2001, she left this girl group because of her pregnancy. Unfortunatly In the same year, her nude photographs were published in the U.K. tabloid newspaper “The Sunday Sport”.

Katona married Brian McFadden on 5th January 2002 at Rathfeigh in County Meath. They are blessed with two daughters Molly McFadden born on 31st August 31, 2001 and Lilly-Sue McFadden who was born on 3rd February, 2003 in Dublin, Ireland.

Kerry became an English television presenter after her marriage. She was the winner of the TV show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” broadcsted in February 2004. In July 2004, both husband and wife came together on “The Keith Barret Show”. She was a judge in the RTE talent show “You’re A Star” which selected Ireland’s candidates to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In Sepember 2004, Brian & Kerry seperated. Their divorce made Katona depressed and pushed her towards drug abuse, A habit for which she had to go to rehabilitation centre. Later a song about the failed relationship “Be True To Your Woman” was written by Brian for his solo album “Irish Son”.

Katona performed in an Irish drama called Showbands in 2005. Kerry also appeared in British comedy film Three and Out, released on 25th April 2008. The film had big names like Mackenzie Crook and Imelda Staunton who have the credit of performing in mega movies The Pirates Of The Caribbean and Vera Drake respectively.

Kerry, in 2005, came close to her former lover Dave Cunningham but their relationship ended in 7 months. Presently, Katona is married to Mark Croft. They married at Gretna Green on 14th February, 2007 in Scotland with only two friends as witness.On 20th February, Kerry delivered a premature baby at Warrington General Hospital. The girl child is currently healthy ,the couple named their child Heidi Elizabeth Croft.

Kerry suffered from bi-polar disorder due to which she was admitted to The Priory Hospital on July 19, 2007. Kerry gave birth to Maxwell Mark, a baby boy, five weeks before on 11th April 2008.

On 25th August , 2008, Katona was again admitted to a private clinic in London, however this time the reason was cosmetic surgery, liposuction, laser treatment and boobs surgery was performed during her stay at the clinic. All these procedures were filmed and it will be shown on the forthcoming show “Whole Again”.It has been reported that the surgery costed Kerry £15,000.

Kerry mentains ardent intrest in books, writing and litrature, Kerry: Story of a Survivor is her biography written by Emily Herbert, published in September 2005. Katona herself wrote her own autobiography titled “Too Much Too Young: My Story Survival and Celebrity” on October 5, 2006. Kerry also released her first novel Tough Love published by Ebury Press on 18th October 2007.

Kerry was found guilty of smoking even during her pregnancies. She herself admitted during her fourth pregnancy that she used to smoke and consume alcohol. Katona refused for a drugs test in August 2007 which was taken for the guidance of her children. Due to all this, Katona’s popularity declined in late 2007.Kerrie was chosen as the 2nd worst celebrity mother in a poll held in September. She was declared as the most irritating individual of Britain in November.And in the following December, the Iceland advertisement of Kerry got the second worst ad. Later Kerry appealed the public that she should not be named as a bad mother.

As a magazine journalist, Katona worked for a regular column in OK!Magazine. Kerry is a member of The Shannon Bradshaw Trust which works for helping children. Katona failed to pay a tax bill for which she was declared bankrupt at the High Court in London on August 21, 2008.

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