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Lea Martini

Lea Martini
Years active in porn - 1995-2001. Lea Martini is a Czech actress in pornographic films.


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Years active in porn - 1995-2001.

Lea Martini is a Czech actress in pornographic films.

Martini, whose real name Lucia, was born on 9 October 1973 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Student, she participated in 1989 at the Velvet Revolution.

Found its mark in Paris where she worked as a model.

Ambitious, Lea Martini dream of becoming the Pamela Anderson of X.

It begins by turning in Germany in 1995 and again in Italy in 1996. Its beginnings are difficult, under various pseudonyms and in different countries. Ian Nichols assigned his first role in The Garden of Venus. His career then finally launched.

She goes on to major productions she chooses carefully : she turns to Marc Dorcel ( The Rush Laura ), Luca Damiano ( Countess Gamiani ), Andrew Blake ( Paris Chic ) and Alain Payet ( The straightening ) to name than these. Martini left for the United States where his beautiful chest sensation.

She will continue her career before a final farewell to the pornographic film industry in 2001.

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