Lena Headey

Lena Headey
==Introduction== Lena Headey is a hard-working, successful British actress. Since starting in the profession right out of high school, Headey has acted in numerous productions, often as a lead.


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Lena Headey
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Lena Headey Introduction

Lena Headey is a hard-working, successful British actress. Since starting in the profession right out of high school, Headey has acted in numerous productions, often as a lead. In recent years, she has become particularly well established in fantasy and science fiction, with starring roles in 300, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and as Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey Biography

Her father, an English police officer, was sent to train police in Bermuda where Headey was born. The family returned to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, when Lena was five years old, and later moved to London.

At 17, Headey appeared in a school production that was included in a program at a professional theatre in London. She attracted the attention of a casting agent, and was soon playing the younger version of Jeremy Irons' wife in Waterland (1992).

Raw, thin, non-curvaceous but still with baby fat, Lena looked every bit the teenager, but that was a plus for this particular part. While Lena's physique was unimpressive compared to other actresses, she also was willing to take off her top for her craft. To the happiness of fans, Headey has maintained her readiness to get nude, a clever strategy that has allowed her to win roles away from shapelier but shyer women.

She also began a regimen of boxing, archery and riding, a course of physical activity she has maintained throughout her career. But in her teens, Lena also began suffering from bouts of depression, which have recurred at times ever since.

After her well-received debut, Lena quickly capitalised with a smaller role in the high-profile Merchant-Ivory production The Remains of the Day as well as the lesser-seen Century. In Clothes in the Wardrobe, Headey played a young woman married to a much younger man.

In 1994, Headey gave into Hollywood as Kitty in the Disney version of The Jungle Book. On that production, Lena met actor Jason Flemyng and they remained together for nine years.

In this period, Lena appeared on series and mini-series television in both the UK and the US. Her most notable roles were as a raver in Loved Up and then as Colette, a lesbian prostitute in Band of Gold. She continued working steadily on TV and movies, including a role opposite Sting in Grotesque and another bit of nudity in the screen adaption of Mrs. Dalloway with Vanessa Redgrave.

Lena's roles continued to display her wide range range, from Guinevere opposite Sam Neill in the miniseries Merlin to Olga in Onegin to a university student in Gossip. The latter came out in 2000 along with the movie Lena is proudest of, Aberdeen, in which she played a bitchy corporate lawyer responding to unexpected life challenges. It is also a favorite of her fans, for Lena spends an early seen walking around her flat topless, displaying her pale, tiny micro-boobies at great length. A shallow 32B-cup, Lena nevertheless often serves up pokies, one advantage of filming in a cold climate.

Although Aberdeen did not get a theatrical release in the UK, Lena said that when she read the script, she thought, "Wow, this kind of material never comes my way. I'm never given this sort of thing."

But she continued to win other roles, including high-profile supporting parts in Possession with Gwyneth Paltrow and HBO's Winston Churchill biopic The Gathering Storm.

In 2005, Lena met cute Piper Perabo, an actress known for her affection toward other women, on the set of The Cave. The two quickly became fast friends, and Lena called her new gal pal, "bright, funny and smart." When Perabo wrapped up work on the film, "I remember crying!'" Lena said. '"It was like, 'Oh, no, don't leave me!' " The friends quickly made a lesbian rom-com together, Imagine Me and You, and took to wearing each other's size 0-2 clothes.

But Lena's big-budget role that year was less happy. Producer Harvey Weinstein cast her as the female lead in The Brothers Grimm over the objections of director Terry Gilliam. The director treated Headey poorly and even blamed her when the movie performed badly at the box office (it had many other problems). Distressed, Lena dropped out of acting for almost a year.

But in 2006, Lena beat out a raft of other contenders for the role of Spartan Queen Gorgo in the frat-boy version of Greek history 300. Favorable reviews generally mentioned the visual adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel, but among the cast, critics singled out Lena's performance for praise. Her brief nudity even earned little Lena some attention as a "hot babe" from various lad magazines.

With that buzz, Headey gained some casting leverage. But first she married an Irish singer, Peter Paul Loughran in May 2007. The two met at a friend's wedding, and "it was pretty serious, right from the start," Lena said. She had his name tattooed on her left wrist.

In 2007, Lena landed the title role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and American television continuation of the movie series, also featuring Summer Glau. The show was a step up from the recent movies in quality. But many fans faulted the casting of skinny, flat Lena in a role made famous by buff and tough Linda Hamilton. Despite her lack of curves, though, Lena's convincing prowess in the physical scenes and no-nonsense attitude won over viewers and critics. Still, the show only lasted two seasons as the convoluted plots became harder for writers to sustain over time.

But Lena had no time of her hands, appearing in a string of movies including St. Trinian's, The Red Baron and The Brøken, where she also walks around naked, albeit poorly lit. She also did two small projects with Sarah Connor co-star Thomas Dekker.

In 2009, Headey won the role of Queen Cersei in the miniseries Game of Thrones, drawn from the voluminous fantasy series by George R. R. Martin. Again, Lena's lack of cleavage, as well as her brunette hair, generated instant controversy among fans as Martin described Cersei in the early books as a glamorous blonde seductress.

Again, though, Lena's talent trumped her shortcomings, and she looks at least presentable with dyed hair. The series has concluded two successful seasons and is gearing up for a third. The first year was particularly challenging for Lena, since she was pregnant during the time. In April 2010, she gave birth to a son, Wylie Elliot Loughran.

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