Amy Dumas was born on April 14, 1975 in Florida. Not much is known about her past except that she and her family did a lot of moving around.


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Amy Dumas was born on April 14, 1975 in Florida. Not much is known about her past except that she and her family did a lot of moving around. Her parents divorced before she graduated from high school. She graduated 6 months early and became a roadie for 5 years and became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio Jr. She later made her way through wrestling schools before being signed to ECW, where she remained for 9 months before quitting.

Later that year she signed with WWF and debuted with Essa Rios on Feb. 13, 2000. After her relationship with Essa ended, Amy joined Matt and Jeff Hardy and the three became Team Xtreme. Time went by and the threesome were popular everywhere, but it wasn't long before the group started facing problems and the three split for a while until returning in 2002 at the WWF 2002 Royal Rumble. A few months later, Amy broke her neck while filming FOX'S Dark Angel and was unable to return to the ring for many months. Her time with Team Xtreme featured Lita winning the womens title of Stephanine McMahan in the main event of RAW and wrestling (and defeating) a number of men such as Spike Dudley and Dean Malinko. She was wildly popular and people would often chant "Lita" in matches that didnt even involve her. She was often used in main events for this reason. Her legendary feud with (then heel) Trish Stratus started in this period. She wrote a best selling Autobiograhpy during this time as well.

When she returned from her neck injury she was involved in a cage match with Victoria (a first for WWE women) and fought Trish Stratus in an epic series of matches, finishing up in the main event of RAW when she won the womens title for the second time. Latter however she injured her knee by landing wrong in a match with Trish Stratus who then gained the title back.

Back on the injury shelf she was turned heel by WWE who went down this track with a Edge/Matt Hardy affair storyline. Lita went from one of the most popular divas of all time to one of the most hated, she was at Edges side and had a major role in him winning several world titles. She was involved in the epic Edge vs Foley match at Wrestlemania and took a barbed wire shot to the mouth. She wasn't as active in the ring during this time, in her last few months she was involved in a farwell feud with Trish Stratus and then won the womens title twice more. She lost her last match to Mickie James at Survivor Series (to put Mickie over) and then retired. She was subject to a distasteful skit involving Cryme Tyme which left a sour taste in a lot of mouths. She then went on start her own Punk Rock Band 'The Luchagors' and host her own Punk Rock Radio Show. Both have been successful for her and she continues doing this today. She has largely ruled out a return to wrestling and refused to particiate in the ill-fated 'Miss Wrestlemania' Battley Royal at WM 25. She did return briefly to RAW however to take part in a mini backstage segement with PeeWee Herman who is a favourite of hers. She still visits fan events like Comic Cons for meet and greets.

She is trained in Judo and KickBoxing. Known as an athletic and speedy wrestler she is fact quite strong and is undefeated in Arm Wrestling Contests, having defeated serveral members of the media and fans in friendly contests at various signing and interview events. She had two breast surgeries in WWE, the second of which resulted in her breasts becoming around 36DD in size (larger than Trish Stratus who has had her own implants removed in the last few years). She is 5'8' inches tall and has her own Animal Charity. Odd fact is that she is the only WWE diva known to be Not Ticklish at all, this having been shown on several occasions. She was perhaps the most popular diva in the history of WWE at her peak and did many firsts for women in wrestling and had her own unique style.

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