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  • Lupe Fuentes

    Lupe Fuentes

    At 4 feet, 9 inches, with long flowing dark hair and big, beautiful eyes that shine when she enters a room, Lupe Fuentes will simply take your breath away. Born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Madrid, Spain to a Colombian mother and Spanish father, Lupe has led

  • Lupe Maciel

    Lupe Maciel


    Ethnicity: Mexican, Spanish & German


    Lupe Maciel is the new breed of model. A California native, this 5’4 mixture is of the best traits of Mexican, Spanish & French. Born in San Jose, CA she now reigns over Los Angeles, CA doing print and video work. Even

  • Melissandre Fuentes

    Melissandre Fuentes

    Melissandre Fuentes is an Andorran figure skater

  • Lupe Ontiveros

    Lupe Ontiveros

    Lupe Ontiveros is an American film and television actress. Ontiveros has acted in numerous films and television shows, most often playing a maid or, more recently, an all-knowing grandmother; the actress estimates she has played a maid between 150 and 300 times on screen.

  • monique fuentes

    monique fuentes

    Monique Fuentes was born on July 29,1968 in Colombia. From 2004-2008 she entered the industry and she amassed 18 titles during those 2 years. According to an interview with Ron Jeremy, Monique began modeling in Colombia. When Monique migrated to the United States, she began modeling under the name