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Lucia Lapiedra

Lucia Lapiedra
Biography. At an early age, her parents divorced and Lucía grew up with her father, his brother and his stepmother.


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Miriam Sánchez Cámara
Vallecas Madrid
Actress EX- Porn Actress Tertullian


At an early age, her parents divorced and Lucía grew up with her father, his brother and his stepmother. She studied computer science engineering and affirms that she was a completely normal girl and that she never thought about dedicating herself to pornography.

At the end of 2004, Spanish Ramiro Lapiedra, ex-fiancè of the actress met the porno cinema director Celia Blanco, with whom she established a sentimental relation and that invited her to introduce herself in the Spanish pornographic industry. Ramiro Lapiedra began to be her representative in addition to fiancè and by him she acquired his artistic last name. Lucía Lapiedra began to be well-known in Spain at the beginning of 2005, thanks to her appearances in the television program Crónicas Marcianas relayed by the Telecinco channel in Spain, in which accompanied by the reporter Javier Deltell, she went through the streets of Barcelona undressing and filming the reactions of people

Early career.

In spite of declaring herself as a Porno Actress at that time, her films were not on sale. Months later she appeared in the Spanish mainstream film Torrente 3: El Protector, directed by Santiago Segura,[3] acquiring mediatic fame still more and according to she herself it affirms, arranging it with its work in industry X Spanish, with prostitution and frequent appearances in Clubs while it underwent addiction to cocaine. It was not until second half of 2005 when she really began to appear in a little number of pornographic films, in its immense majority directed by the Lapiedra Brothers, with exception of 2 scenes rolled for the producer of the actor and director porno Nacho Vidal at the beginning of 2005. Also, at the beginning of 2005, she began to appear in the Spanish edition of the magazine FHM, in which she had her own section in which she responded to questions that the readers sent to her. In first of the scenes that Vidal rolled for Nacho, she appears practicing sex with a masked woman. When the film was sent to the market in February 2005, Lucía made declarations to the press of the heart affirming that the woman was a famous Spanish personality that often appeared in programs of the heart, when in fact porno was a not very well-known Brazilian actress Morgana Call.

Recent career

In April 2006, the sentimental relationship between Lucía Lapiedra and Ramiro Lapiedra came to an end. In the summer of 2006 Lucía began working as a collaborator in the TV-Show TNT of the Spanish broadcasting channel Telecinco, and few weeks later rumours about a new relationship of the actress (this time, with the sport journalist Jose Manuel Estrada, better known as Pipi Estrada) started to appear in the tabloids; later on, this was confirmed by both. From that moment onwards, the fame of Lucía Lapiedra began to grow spectacularly. Lucía stated that she was deeply in love with Pipi Estrada and she cut completely and dramatically all contacts with X-cinema industry, put her career as a porn actress to rest, changed her stage name Lucía Lapiedra by her real name Miriam Sanchez and began to appear frequently in gossip shows in which she blamed her former fiancé and representative, Ramiro Lapiedra, of physical and psychological abuses and ill-treatments, accusations that the porn director denies. In 2006 also she made a return to the Spanish conventional cinema, appearing in the film Isi-Disi/Alto Voltaje, directed by Miguel Angel Lamata and premiered in the Spanish cinemas on December 1, 2006.

At the present time she has broken all ties with porno and has overcome her addiction to cocaine, of which she states to be completely recovered, thanks to the help of his fiancé Pipi Estrada, whose name she has tattooed on her forearm, and with whom she had a daughter in 2007[1]. She still wishes to start a new career in the industry of the conventional cinema. Besides, she collaborates monthly answering sex-related questions to the readers of the Spanish edition of the FHM magazine

Lucia Lapiedra is now Miriam Sánchez, a woman who expected the arrival of his first daughter impatient. Ago, says, is the porn movies, drugs and a turbulent past.

Of porn character public In April 2006, the sentimental relationship between Lucia Lapiedra and Ramiro Lapiedra broke. In the summer, Lucia began working as a collaborator in the agenda of the Spanish channel TNT television Telecinco and few weeks later began to hear rumours in the pink press that maintained a sentimental relationship with sports journalist José Manuel Estrada, better known as Pipi Estrada, which were later confirmed by both. Since that time Lucia Lapiedra fame began to grow dramatically. Lucia expressed very love with Pipi Estrada and dissociated itself drastically industry X, retiring as porn, lasting career as porn barely a year and a half, changing his artistic name Lucia Lapiedra by his real name Miriam Sánchez and beginning to attend pink press programmes where accusing her former boyfriend and former representative, Ramiro Lapiedra, abuse and maltreatment and complete physical and psychological, allegations that the director porn denies. In 2006, also returned to collaborate again in the Spanish, conventional film making a small appearance in the ISI/Disi film: high voltage in interpreting itself (directed by Miguel Ángel Lamata, premiered in Spanish cinemas on 1 December 2006). Also in 2006, worked in the sexual practice magazine FHM responding to questions from readers. At present is withdrawn and completely desvinculada porn and has overcome his addiction to cocaine, which claims have been recovered fully long thanks to the help of her boyfriend Pipi Estrada, named tatuó in the forearm. In May 2007 had a daughter named Miriam. States have intentions of introduced in the conventional film industry. In early 2008, decided to participate in reality the Spanish channel show Telecinco called survivors, said, as a platform that will serve to make known as really is, distancing themselves are so estelarmente its old image of porn and giving to learn even more as a character Spanish television media. 27 March 2008 contest ended and Miriam Sánchez was the winner being the entrant audience voted again, being a prize of 200,000 €. On 31 January 2008, her birthday, while was participating in the reality show survivors on an island 13,000 kilometres from Spain, her boyfriend and his daughter, Pipi Estrada, father asked live marriage during a transmission from Spain. To mid-2008 entered to work in the scholarship holders Telecinco where interprets the role of an authoritarian head series. At the end of 2008 begins working as a commentator on the agenda of Telecinco women and men and vice versa along with your partner, Pipi Estrada. Currently in 2009 works as a collaborator in spaces Telecinco Ana Rosa, women and men and vice versa survivors debate program. At the end of June Míriam broke her Pipi Estrada partner and went home where the couple lived returning to his father House-

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