Madison Young

Madison Young
Introduction Madison Young is an American porn star, award winning director, published writer, sexual educator and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery ( a non profit art gallery and performance space that serves the LGBTQ and Kink communities). 
 Early Life Madison Young was born in Loveland, Ohio and grew up in a working-class family.


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Tina Butcher
Loveland Ohio
United States
Director Writer Adult Performer And Founder Of Femina Potens Art Gallery
Writing Art Bondage Performance
Indie Porn Pioneer Of The Year

Introduction Madison Young is an American porn star, award winning director, published writer, sexual educator and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery ( a non profit art gallery and performance space that serves the LGBTQ and Kink communities).

Early Life Madison Young was born in Loveland, Ohio and grew up in a working-class family. Her parents divorced before Young was in pre-school, and her mother remarried in 1992 when Young was 12.

Madison Young went to high school at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati Ohio where she majored in theater. SCPA is also the backdrop for the MTV reality series "Taking the Stage" and also where such stars at Carmen Electra, Nick Lachey and Drew Lachey attended high school.

After graduating in the top ten percent of her class in 1998 with honors Madison went on to attend Columbia College(1998) in Chicago Illinois and Antioch College(2000) ( a small liberal arts college) in Yellow Springs Ohio. Antioch College was an anarchist run college founded by social reformer,abolitionist, and visionary educator, Horace Mann whose quote "Be Ashamed to Die Until You Have Won Some Victory for Humanity." became the college motto.

Career In 2001, Madison made her way out to San Francisco (determined to make a difference through art) where she would perform with Woman's Will Theater Company, a non profit theater company in which all the performers were women. Woman's Will would perform at public spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the SF Women's Prison.

Although the concept of Madison Young's art gallery had been solidified through a mission statement and through public performances in 2000 while Madison was still attending college, it wasn't until 2001 in which she found their first space. It was at this time that Madison decided to start her extend her political and artist work not only to galleries and theaters but also into the world of pornography where she would have a chance to make a difference in the way sex was being portrayed and form as an example of a a strong,powerful woman on film and in control of her own sexuality. This work also allotted Madison the opportunity to afford the rent on her community art gallery, Femina Potens Art Gallery (

Some of her first ventures into the world of sex positive pornography were with Good Vibrations (Sex Positive Productions) where she performed with her real life girlfriend in the educational feature G- Marks the Spot, Suicide Girls (an alternative pin up site) and on the collection of well known bdsm sites known as Kink. It was on the Kink web sites that Madison Young became best known and gained popularity as a masochist and rope fetishist. Her skills as a submissive earned her such future accolades as the Top Bondage Model working today and Best SM Suspension Model by Bishop Awards. Her first 4 years in the industry were spent traveling the world working solely in bondage, fetish, and queer or lesbian productions.

Early in Madison Young's career she became friends with her mentor, Annie Sprinkle, who became a large influence in Young's art work and sex positive work with in the adult industry. Sprinkle was quoted as saying " Madison Young is my porn art guru". Young also found collaboration and kindred spirits with such sexual activists and performers and Carol Queen, Nina Hartley, and Lambda Award Winner, Michelle Tea.

In 2005 Madison Young launched her erotic web site and production company, Madison Young Productions. Her debut film Bondage Boob Tube starring Jewell Marceau won the Best Kink Film Award from the Feminist Porn Awards in 2007. Madison has directed numerous other films for her company, Abigail Productions, Gwen Media, and is expected to be directing for Good Vibrations later this year. In 2009 her release Perversions of Lesbian Lust won the Kink Film of the Year Award and also won Indie Porn Pioneer of the Year from the Feminist Porn Awards. Madison Young's films are part of the sex positive feminist and queer porn movement that also includes such directors and producers as Tristan Taormino, Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Shine Louise Houston, Syd Blakovich and Courtney Trouble.

In 2007 Madison Young began working in the mainstream porn industry in LA doing both girl/girl and boy/girl scenes. Her work in LA would allow her to keep closer to her art gallery in San Francisco and allowed the gallery to expand to a larger store front venue in San Francisco's Castro District. Her belief was to create further visibility of a woman with a strong sense of sexual self and to create validation for women and men's sexual kinks.

Madison Young has been featured for her work in feminist pornography as well as a queer activist by such magazines as Bitch Magazine, Curve Magazine, on the cover of the sex worker activist magazine Spread. In the past three years, Madison has been seen on television programs on the Independent Film Channel, the History Channel, MTV’s Logo, and in documentary feature films. MSNBC journalist Brian Alexander devoted an entire chapter of his 2008 book America Unzipped to Madison’s work and art, and acclaimed French film director Virginie Despentes (Baise-Moi) features Madison in her forthcoming documentary.

Young is soon to be seen on the HBO reality show Real Sex and has already received specific producer interest in optioning of her soon to be released book Breathe:The Sexual Evolution of Madison Young for the big screen. Madison has been a cover girl and/or feature subject for such popular and diversely oriented magazines as Hustler Taboo and On Our Backs and been featured in print and radio internationally. She has received awards for her bondage and suspension work and been called “an auteur to be reckoned with” by AVN, the leading adult video industry media conglomerate.

As an educator and expert in her field, Madison is frequently sought after as a lecturer and workshop leader at UC Berkeley, sex toy stores, sexual education centers and cultural centers. She has given workshops and spoken on professional panels regarding such topics as porn and art; activism and art; porn and social change; zen pain management; and submission. She has been consulted for nonfiction guides to BDSM and written essays on bondage and feminism, and her memoir Breathe has already been excerpted in an acclaimed anthology edited by groundbreaking writer Michelle Tea and published by Caroll & Graff and was also translated for the French erotic anthology In-Soumises edited by Wendy Delorme. In 2008 Young was interviewed at her gallery by Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro for an upcoming series on the Independent Film Channel. In January of 2009 she generated buzz on blogs and entertainment news sites for walking the red carpet at the AVN Awards (the adult industry equivalent of the Oscars) with a butch woman, becoming the first porn star to walk the red carpet with a same-sex date, and for her jaw-dropping gown tailored from hemp rope. As the San Francisco Chronicle said of this appearance, "When you know you already don't fit the mold at a kooky awards show (but outsell the competition) you sex it up with some much-needed fresh style.”

Madison Young lives in San Francisco with her domestic partner,Adult Industry Director, bdsm educator and photographer, James Mogul.

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