==Introduction== A no doubt Chickipedia Hall of Famer, '''Madonna''' whose body measuremets are a lovely 34C-23-33, has been a sexy symbol for almost thirty years now. She's arguably the most prolific female recording artist ever, and continues to be successful, even though she's now really weird and has a British accent.


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Madge Material Girl Queen of Pop M-Dolla
Madonna Louise Ciccone
Bay City Michigan
United States
Actress Singer
Yoga Sex Dancing.
Hot Body Sexy Face

Madonna Introduction

A no doubt Chickipedia Hall of Famer, Madonna whose body measuremets are a lovely 34C-23-33, has been a sexy symbol for almost thirty years now. She's arguably the most prolific female recording artist ever, and continues to be successful, even though she's now really weird and has a British accent. Whether it was due to her sexy videos, roles in movies, or that book she put out where she was naked on every page, every man has some dirty memory of her.

Life Story of Madonna

Madonna was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, to Silvio Ciccone, who, it's been decided through testing, could not have a more Italian sounding name. At an early age, Madonna started taking ballet classes and received a dance scholarship from the University of Michigan. She dropped out at the end of her sophomore year and in 1977 moved to New York to pursue dance. To make ends meet, she worked at a Dunkin' Donuts, as well as working as a nude model for art students and horny guys pretending to be art students that thought it would be a cool elective to take. They were right. In 1980, she formed a band with her former boyfriend and her demo was brought to the attention of Sire Records.

Early Biography and Career

Her Debut album was the self titled - Madonna. The album became a hit, rising to number 8 on the billboard 100. Her follow up album, Like A Virgin, became her first number one, and suddenly teenage girls everywhere were dressing like the pop star. Luckily, people were there to take pictures and document this, giving people everywhere something to look back and laugh at.

In 1985, Madonna decided to start acting and had a brief appearance in the film Vision Quest. Later that year she starred in Desperately Seeking Susan in which she played Susan, a woman who looked, talked, and acted exactly like Madonna. In July of 1985, Playboy and Penthouse magazines published nude black and white photos she had taken in the late 1970s. Madonna was outraged and attempted to block them from being released, but failed. Apparently she just wanted to release naked pictures of herself, as a few years later she released the controversial book Sex which was filled with photographs of her nude, in sexually compromising positions with men. Tastefully done of course.

In 1990, Madonna began touring again on the Blond Ambition World Tour, which contained performances of Like A Virgin where her body was caressed by two male dancers to simulate masturbation. The tour was a huge success. From there she began to branch out into movies, media, and basically became a multinational corporation.

Present Life

In 1999, Madonna met filmmaker Guy Ritchie, and by 2000 she birthed the couple’s first child. The couple would have three more children, including one Malawian boy that she adopted on a trip there. The adoption raised controversy, as the press speculated whether or not Madonna was given special treatment as Malawaian law normally requires one year of residence for anyone considering adoption. During the controversy, no one asked the boy whether or not he wanted to be taken out of poverty to live in a 40 million dollar home and eat thanksgiving meals every day, even if it meant listen to his foster mom preach non-stop.

Today she still writes music, as well as spending much of her time studying the Kabbalah, which she says takes a great deal of time and energy. She lives in England with her husband and their three children.

According to WallStreetFighter, Madonna is one of the 12 Highest Earning Hotties at 72 Million.

Madonna Why We Still Love Madonna

Who doesn’t love a chick that is sexy, smart, and has gobs and gobs of money? She has managed to create an empire all on her own and stay in the public eye since the infamous 80s. Admit it, you wish you could be like her, just a little. She says and does whatever she wants and gets a lot of attention (and money) for doing it. She’s a master at public relations, consistently changing and updating her image, and manipulating the public. We’re not saying that she’s manipulating you, but you are still reading about her, aren’t you?

Madonna Who’s Your Favorite Madonna?

When you think of Madonna, it’s never just one style or one personality, and everyone has their favorite. Which one is yours? Here’s a refresher course on each of her personalities:

Madonna The 80s

Back in the day, Madonna was just like a virgin in her lace headbands and gloves. And who can forget the rolling around in the vampy wedding dress and the big hair?

Madonna Blonds Do Have More Fun

A couple years later, her blond ambition inspired her to go platinum blond and start a dance trend known as the “Vogue.” This time, it was her cone-shaped brassiere that made history.

Madonna Black Is the New Blond

Of course, she couldn’t stay blond forever. Her darker roots came out when she took on the dominatrix role and wrote a book on her favorite topic: sex.

Madonna Moms Are Sexy Too

A few years after that, she rejuvenated her career with a ray of light and became a modern earth mother with long, honey-colored locks.

Madonna Keep On Dancin’

Even mothers have to remain hip, especially when they are the queen of pop. Going back to the color that most becomes her, she has taken on a more polished, blond style, but still likes to make music for the kids on the dance floor.

Madonna Madonna’s Greatest Hits

Now that you’ve reminisced about all of her hottest looks, it’s time to remember what made her famous in the first place: the music. There’s a little acting in there too.

Madonna Like a Virgin

Everyone remembers Like a Virgin as her first big hit, but she actually burst on the scene with songs like “Lucky Star” and “Borderline” from her first album Madonna. But it was the song, “Like a Virgin,” that took her to number one and made her a star.

Madonna Like a Prayer

The album Like a Prayer was not only the most critically acclaimed at the time, but the song with the same title proved to be more controversial than anything she’d done before. It was exactly that controversy which shot the song to number one and made her Blond Ambition Tour legendary.

Madonna Ray of Light

Sure, there were a couple albums release between Like a Prayer and Ray of Light, but when it comes to the music, it’s really Ray of Light that shines. Both a critical and popular success, this album debuted at number one, won over critics, and earned her three Grammy’s.

Madonna More Music

Since Ray of Light, Madonna has had more success with Music and Confessions on a Dance Floor, which have put her back in the dancing scene.

Madonna Acting Credits

While she’s taken on several acting roles over the years, most of them have been forgettable. Most notable are her role in A League of Their Own, where she met future best friend, Rosie O’Donnell, and her role as Eva Peron in Evita. Evita finally got her the acting recognition she had been longing for, earning her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Madonna Other Fun Facts

She’s also known for her an ongoing rivalry with another famous 80s pop star, Janet Jackson, while kissing other female singers, like Christina Aguilera, on stage.

Madonna The Latest Biography, News, and Gossip

Madonna finds herself in the spotlight again with a new album, Hard Candy, an upcoming tour, and new controversies. Rumors are swirling about an alleged affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez and reports that her marriage is on the rocks. But as always, she’s the Madonna we know and love, and we’re sure she’ll come out on top.

In October 2008, Madonna's spokeswoman says the singer and Guy Ritchie are divorcing after 7 1/2 years together. Cougar alert.

Madonna performed at the 2012 Superbowl Halftime Show. Her show was rudely interrupted by rapper M.I.A who flipped off the audience in the middle of Madonna's performance.

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