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  • Mandy Graff

    Mandy Graff

    Mandy ist 18 Jahre alt und wohnt in Luxemburg. Mandy ist die jüngste von vier Geschwistern. Als Luxemburgerin spricht Mandy natürlich Luxemburgisch, Französisch und Deutsch! Mandy hat bereits mit 16 Jahren die ersten Erfahrungen im Bereich Fotoshootings gemacht.

    Anfang 2006 konnte Mandy sich bei "Models Relooking" von Kopf bis Fuß neustylen

  • Mandy Stafford

    Mandy Stafford

    Mandy Stafford is a mom, fitness model and power lifter in Columbus, OH. Born in South Carolina, she is an avid fan of college football, especially of the Gamecocks.

    Mandy has appeared in Oxygen Magazine and in a fitness calendar from Marandi Productions.

  • Mandy Fisher

    Mandy Fisher

    Mandy Fisher is nude model and adult film actress, best know for her natural curvy figure and for doing a lot of softcore porn on cinemax.

  • Mandy Musgrave

    Mandy Musgrave

    Mandy Musgrave is best know for her role as Ashley Davies on The N's teen drama South of Nowhere.

    Mandy started in the show business because she's always liked acting. She even wrote down in her elementary year book that she was going to be an actress, although she didn't start

  • Mandy Blank

    Mandy Blank

    MANDY BLANK is one of the most widely recognized fitness models and competitors in the world. She is famous for her startling physique and looks, as well as for her incredible routines, which have draw standing ovations worldwide. At the age of 18, she exploded on the fitness scene