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  • Maurizio De Vita
  • Federica Ridolfi

    Federica Ridolfi


    Federica Ridolfi has studied dance since her early teens, beginning her career as a professional dancer when she was 17. She appeared in Bagaglino in 1991, and between 1993 and 1997 she appeared in a few Italian variety and talk shows, including Beato tra le donne and Furore.



  • sonia aquino

    sonia aquino

    Born in Sardinia (Sassari), but soon moved to Campania, she is an actress appearing on theater, cinema and television, graduated from the School of Film and Duse Studio of Francesca De Sapio. Moreover she also studied acting at the Teatro Bellini in Naples and took part in the workshops held

  • Marija Vujovic

    Marija Vujovic


    Marija Vujovic, born in Titograd, Yugoslavia (now Podgorica, Montenegro), is a Montenegrin supermodel, which, in Montenegro, means “female.” She is widely considered to be Tom Ford’s protégé, which means that in the fashion world, she is like Darth Maul to Tom’s Darth Sidious.

    Life story

    Marija Vujovic was born May 19,