Monica Olsen

Monica Olsen
==IN THE NEWS:== Supermodel '''Monica Tatiana Olsen''' is taking Hollywood by storm. Her incredible sex appeal, European attitude and sensuality and close resemblance to the likeness of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox has touted her as the next "It" girl.


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Monica Olsen IN THE NEWS:

Supermodel Monica Tatiana Olsen is taking Hollywood by storm. Her incredible sex appeal, European attitude and sensuality and close resemblance to the likeness of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox has touted her as the next "It" girl. Monica will be starring as a sexy female "kick ass" heroine in a new comic book series entitled The Unknowns optioned for film rights by big time movie producer and director Brett Ratner ( Xmen, Rush Hour3) The announcement comes as very timely in Monica's career and her early beginnings as an actress given the summer's blockbusters such as Terminator and Transformers. When asked about it in a recent interview Monica says she couldn't be more happy. "I love sci-fi and comic books and it seems like a perfect fit. I couldn't be more thrilled! Born when ET was just released, Monica is said to be a huge ET fan. She has been quoted to say "I even wear the T shirt to bed. "

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Entering the modeling world at the early age of 14, the sultry brunette was discovered by a scout at a local fashion event held by her school. A few years later, determined to pursue her dream, she moved to New York City where her career ascended to new heights catching the eye of world-famous photographer Peter Beard. With her new-found confidence, she signed with one of NYC’s top modeling agencies and was propelled into the world of high fashion and runway life. Jetting between NYC and Milan, this captivating brunette has been featured on countless magazine covers including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Flare, Arena, Photo and others. In addition, her professionalism, worldliness and striking beauty have enabled her to land major national and international ad campaigns, including Sigrid Olsen, Vuarnet, Helmut Lang, Thierry Mugler, Anna Molinari, Michael Kors, BCBG Max Azaria and others.

Monica Olsen FILM & TV

Transitioning from runway to screen, MONICA OLSEN has guest starred in films such as the star-studded comedy, The Hot Chick alongside Rachel McAdams and Rob Schneider and was voted Fresh Face of 2003. On TV, MONICA has illuminated the small screen with dozens of commercials both at home and abroad. As a graduate of the NY film Academy, she continues to remain passionate about film and theatre. Monica is looking forward to shedding her model image and has recently voiced her desire to pursue a career in film both in the US and abroad. Monica not only wants to act but write, produce and direct. She is collaborating on two film projects and is a strong supporter of independent film makers, documentary film makers and foreign film. Monica has her own production company Blubird productions in the offices of long time entertainment heavy weight Sidney Scheinberg/ The Bubble Factory. Monica has been quoted to say "I like every genre of film she says and appreciate art in all its forms." Despite her knockout looks and striking presence Monica possesses a strong intellect and is well educated. At the insistence of her parents, Monica pursued a degree in international business and finance all throughout her modeling career. "I was taking classes at NYU at night then going to photo shoots the next morning. My parents were insistent on my education and I am so thankful to them for that."

While not modeling or acting, she enjoys learning new languages, skiing, pilates, yoga, and painting. She is said to speak seven languages fluently. She is mainly of eastern european origin and russian (Ukraine ). Her sister is a recent graduate of Harvard University. She resides mainly in LA but is also in NYC.


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