Multi-Racial Mayhem

Multi-Racial Mayhem

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Madness, Money & Mayhem – CNN Madness, Money & Mayhem - CNNCNNMadness, Money & MayhemCNN“Yeah, I would say as big as the Super Bowl,” says Jay Kornegay, vice president, race &

Mommy Mayhem: Double Dare for Moms Mommy Mayhem. Face it, mamas, some days if we don't laugh, our only other option is to cry. There's plenty to laugh about as I do this motherhood gig every day. Friday, March 16, 2012. Double Dare for Moms. Remember this guy?

Something for everyone: National Theatre Live, tonight! « criticalrant ... Yet he balances the cacophonous mayhem engendered with genuine emotion from his cast. At the play's final moment ... Brought fully to life with superlative diction and text delivery, sophisticated multi-racial casting, hilarious detailed costumes on a multi-dimensional set full of mood-setting thrills and chills of its own—anyone who loves Shakespeare should not miss the National Theatre Live screening of The Comedy of Errors at select theatres. National Theatre Live ...

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