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OG (Mudbone) Hip-Hop Vol. 2 « The Custard Shark || Get Wet, Bring ... Here is the second installment of OG (Mudbone) Hip-Hop. Hot Tub is fucking hot out today so make sure you stay in and hydrate thoroughly with some custard. Not to be too vulgar, but it's a sweaty sack kind of day outside.

OG (Mudbone) Hip-Hop Vol.1 « The Custard Shark || Get Wet, Bring ... In this new segment, we dug up some old popular and underground (mainly popular for this segment) hip-hop that will make you want to slap your girl of significant other (or just a friend I guess if you are a real life gay like tyler ...

Spotlight/Shoutout: OG Mudbone (One Year of S/S) | The UC The first ever s/s went to Kyle MacLachlan, and then the spotlight was stolen by OG Mudbone...........the funniest man on earth according to some Youtube videos. For those of you who do not know, OG is an FOC "Freak of ...

Kevin Durant > OG Mudbone: Brendan Haywood Facial | The Sports ... Kevin Durant dunks on Breandan Haywood in Game 3 of the western conference finals.

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