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Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde is a gorgeous, cat-eyed American/Irish actress with a strong journalistic heritage and one heck of a family name, who ranked #1 on the Maxim Hot 100 list of 2009. Born Olivia Jane Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn), Olivia has a mother, Leslie Cockburn, who’s a producer on 60 Minutes and documentary filmmaker, ''American Casino'', and a father, Andrew Cockburn, who’s an Irish journalist, documentarian and National Geographic contributor.


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Olivia Wilde is a gorgeous, cat-eyed American/Irish actress with a strong journalistic heritage and one heck of a family name, who ranked #1 on the Maxim Hot 100 list of 2009.

Born Olivia Jane Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn), Olivia has a mother, Leslie Cockburn, who’s a producer on 60 Minutes and documentary filmmaker, American Casino, and a father, Andrew Cockburn, who’s an Irish journalist, documentarian and National Geographic contributor. Growing up, Olivia was educated at many highly regarded—read: expensive—schools: first Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C., then Phillips Academy prep school in Andover, Massachusetts, then The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland (where classmates undoubtedly asked her, "Where are you from, why are you here…and would you care for a Guinness?").

Although accepted into a prestigious college, Olivia instead moved to LA to try acting. There she met flamenco guitarist and photographer Tao Ruspoli, the son of an Italian prince. After six months, Olivia eloped with Tao, who is 8 years older. The couple secretly wed on a school bus in Virginia, although later went through a more elaborate ceremony for their well-off families.

After initially working as a casting assistant, Olivia made her screen debut—albeit on the small screen—on 2003’s Skin, in which she played the Jewish daughter of a pornography king. How that didn’t take off, we’re still not sure, but it didn’t. Fortunately, that freed up Olivia to appear in films like the underrated The Girl Next Door (Elisha Cuthbert), the overrated Alpha Dog (Sharon Stone, Heather Wahlquist), in which Olivia shows off her flat little mosquito bites in a bedroom scene near the end, and the not-really-rated-at-all Turistas (Melissa George, Beau Garrett). Olivia also had an awe-inspiring recurring role as bisexual Alex Kelly on The O.C. (Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton), and she played almost the only female character on the failed NBC series The Black Donnellys — which, come to think of it, might be the reason it failed.

Little Olivia's victory over the more curvaceous and outrageous Megan Fox in the 2009 Maxim rankings caused some dissension in lad circles. But Megan already had endorsed the choice. In one of her characteristic flights of fancy Megan's "Megan Fox" character told GQ in 2008 that Olivia is "so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox." Returning serve, Olivia told the same magazine, “I came into my trailer at House the morning after that article came out and one of our writers had done an illustration on my mirror of a mountain ox saying, ‘Save me, save me. Please, Olivia, make out with Megan!’ ” Olivia graciously agreed, “Of course, anything I can do to save the mountain ox, I’m happy to do.”

Olivia has capitalized on that notoriety with more sexy pictorials, featuring teasing side peeks of her teeny titties and small butt, some less obviously photoshopped than those in Maxim.

In summer 2009, Olivia became the face of a perfume, Escada's petulantly named Desire Me. Done, but not because you sprayed on a fragrance. She was not the first member of her household to sell out. Three years earlier, one of Olivia and Tao's mixed breed dogs, Paco, was chosen as Old Navy's new spokescanine. They won a trip to, um, Los Angeles.

But Olivia also devotes some time to good works, including Power Up, Gambia, a charity that provides needed electricity for hospitals and other facilities in that impoverished country. With Paul Haggis and other Hollywood names, including fellow hotties Maria Bello and Charlize Theron, Olivia serves on the Advisory Board of [http://www.artistsforpeaceandjustice.org Artists for Peace and Justice], which raises money for children's hospitals and clinics, schools and other badly needed projects in Haiti, even before the earthquake that devastated that land (and destroyed a school built by the group).

Currently, Olivia is a regular on the highly rated television show "House," (Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison) as a young doctor nicknamed “Thirteen,” and in 2008 she starred in a movie directed by husband Tao Ruspoli, called Fix (2009). After bouncing around on the festival circuit, Fix had its New York premiere in November 2009.

Based on incidents involving the couple and Ruspoli's brother, Fix was "a labor of love," Olivia told the Irish Voice. Working with her husband was "really fun," she said, "because when you know someone so well, you really have a quick line of communication," she said. Olivia described Once, a small but successful independent movie made in Ireland, as an inspiration in their approach to filmmaking.

“I went to the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin and I just fell in love with the way Irish people approach theater, approach the arts," she said. "So it really is my dream to go back there and do a film and do a play and really join the artistic community there. It’s my ultimate dream.”

Recently Olivia paid the rent by appearing in Year One (2009). Her next project saw its release delayed and its changed changed to On the Inside. She had nothing else in theaters immediately, because Olivia has been tied up with iterations of Tron. She is featured in her pal Haggis' The Next Three Days, which stars Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, with a November 2010 release date.

Meanwhile, many House fans were dismayed when long-time favorite Jennifer Morrison was dropped from the cast, a move some blamed on Olivia rather than poor decisions by Hugh Laurie and the show's creative team. Against this background, Wilde plunged in the Maxim ratings, dropping all the way to 20th. On the bright side, those scores are roughly as credible as Rand Paul, but hopefully Wilde's future projects will offset the loss of any fan boys. Meanwhile, whatever her number, when it comes to Olivia, we still don't think there's anything to fix.

Olivia spent much of 2010 with a lighter load on House to enable her to finish up with two of the sillier projects recently greenlighted by Hollywood, Cowboys and Aliens with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, and that Tron 2.0. Not previously known for her workout regime, Olivia said she got in shape to handle the action scenes. "I do kick ass in this," Olivia told the Toronto Star about Cowboys & Aliens. "I love doing action movies. This movie is so much fun for me." All this work erased Olivia's already slight curves, and she was reported down to an AA-cup bra. Candid photos of Wilde in an oversized bikini in August 2010 confirmed Olivia is left with only Keira Knightley-sized pecs. But for those who can live with less than a mouthful, Olivia is still fine.

In February 2011, one of Olivia's representatives confirmed to numerous media that the actress was separated from Ruspoli and had been living apart for some time. Most of the reports had few details, although Us magazine said the split was Olivia's choice, for the usual Hollywood rationale: "She is a hot property now," an unidentified source told the magazine. "It was weighing her down being married." Ruspoli, who had just begun to achieve some success as a director, was said to be "heartbroken."

Interestingly, Olivia gave numerous interviews in the time when the break-up was happening, without mentioning it. But she perhaps dropped a hint to Men's Health, saying she and Ruspoli eloped without any illusions. “Even in the beginning, we never put pressure on ourselves. We were, like, ‘Maybe it’ll last a week.’ And therefore it’s lasted years," Wilde said.

Wilde was more forthcoming to Marie Claire, calling the experience "humbling." But she also was cheery, contending it has made her both more empathetic and a better actress. So that's why everyone in Hollywood gets divorced!

""I'm a case of arrested development, in a way — from spending your 20s with someone who really loves to take care of you, as my husband did," Olivia told the magazine. "But I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."

Despite her parents' advice that marriage requires work, Olivia said, "I don't think love should be work." In a related declaration, she also claims to be hopeless at dating. Acting!

"It was a great eight years, but it was time for both of us to move on,” Olivia later told ''The New York Times''. The newspaper ran an enthusiastic profile of Wilde on the eve of the releases of ''Cowboys & Aliens'' and ''The Change-Up''. But the article also noted the difficulty of making it and keeping it in Hollywood, especially for actresses. Despite her current heat, Wilde is "just a string of bad movies away from being Kate Hudson,'' the story warned. <br><br>

Soon after her divorce was finalized, Olivia made another departure. Her character, Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, was written out of House. The scene was yet another tiresome "firing" by House, but this time he did it altruistically, to enable the character to move to Greece with her girlfriend. Producers left the door open for a possible brief return if the show winds down, but Olivia said that seems unnecessary.

“I think the way we left it, if she came back, it would probably seem forced,” Wilde told EW.com. “So I don’t think she should come back. I liked her exit story a lot, so I am happy with it.”

In December 2011, Olivia went public with her romance with Jason Sudeikis of SNL, who is nine years her senior. They kept going public and public and even more public, with appearances at a Kansas basketball game and hotspots in NYC and LA.

Olivia made the Maxim 2012 Hot 100 List, coming in at number 5.

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