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  • Clive Owen

    Clive Owen

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  • Owen Wilson

    Owen Wilson

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  • Owen LaFave

    Owen LaFave

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  • Barbara nedeljakova

    Barbara nedeljakova

    The beautiful Barbara Nedeljakova is best known for her role as Natalya in Hostel, the 2005 horror film. Born and raised in Slovakia, she went to school in Prague, to study acting and become a master puppeteer in the Czech Marionette Theater.

    Nedeljakova's first role was in the Jackie Chan and

  • kulap vilaysack

    kulap vilaysack

    Kulap Vilaysack is pronounced "cool-lop v-lie-sock".

    Started developing breasts in the 4th grade.

    At UCB she has studied under Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Danielle Schneider, Craig Anton, Seth Morris, Owen Burke, Chad Carter, Jackie Clarke & Shira Piven. She has appeared in Comedy Death-Ray, Rap Crisis Center, See You Next Tuesday, UCB