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Poor Little White Girls

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Poor little white girl | Goddess in Progress Poor little white girl, what do you know of struggle? Just stay out of it. I largely kept away from Twitter on Election Night. I knew there was going to be.

firaafics: Poor Little White Girl When we read To Kill A Mockingbird last year, my teacher gave us all fourty-five minutes to write a short story about prejudice. Typical rules applied, and I wrote out what I was very proud of. She never gave it back to me.

Poor Little White Girl « Chairman Kate I'm not a racist, but I have said racist things. A decade ago (crap, I'm old), I threw a party at my house. A few hours in, drunk off my ass, I asked two of my black friends if they wanted to listen to some African music. (Yes, really.) ...

Poor little white girl « My Nook As I already mentioned, last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the 2008 National Youth Forum on Diversity. I really enjoyed the whole experience, the people, the places and, yes, even the forum sessions ...

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