Rochelle Wiseman

Rochelle Wiseman
=== Biography === Rochelle Wiseman is a member of the UK girl group The Saturdays. Rochelle was a child actress and was later in S Club Juniors with – you guessed it! – [[frankie-sandford]], who she’s known since she was 9-years-old.


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Rochelle Eulah Wiseman
Romford Essex England
United Kingdom
Sexy Eyes Tits & Ass BJ Lips


Rochelle Wiseman is a member of the UK girl group The Saturdays. Rochelle was a child actress and was later in S Club Juniors with – you guessed it! – Frankie Sandford, who she’s known since she was 9-years-old. She presented for Children’s BBC for two years after S Club split, before landing her place in the band. She’s bubbly, loud, funny and loves shopping - “I don’t like saving for a rainy day. If it’s raining, I’ll go shopping anyway!” And she likes to convince the other girls in the band to spend money to lessen her guilt. Her mum is her best friend and she hates people breathing on her and bad smells (especially people with BO on the tube). She’s opinionated and honest and loves people with ambition. She likes tall, dark, muscley, handsome men who are successful at whatever they do. She’s keeps the band in check, and makes sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there!

  • Place of birth: Romford, Essex, England
  • Five words that describe you best: Girly, crazy, sensitive, Mummy’s girl, caring.
  • Favourite food: Sushi…Mmm and roast dinners.
  • Favourite band/popstars: Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse.
  • Most embarrassing moment so far: Falling off stage when I was younger in front of a boy I really fancied! How awful!!
  • Most exciting thing about being in The Saturdays: The fact that we are five ‘normal’, well, normal-ish girls that can have fun, sing and perform together to music we love!!
  • Favourite Saturday night out: A night out with my girlfriends dressing up and dancing all night long to our favourite songs!
  • Favorite Saturday night in: A cosy night in, curled up on the sofa in my PJs with a tub of ice cream watching Pretty Woman!
  • Complete this sentence in no more than twenty words. I am guilty of being the shopaholic of the band because… I always find a spare minute of the day to buy something whether it’s in between dance rehearsals or the recording studio. You’ll always catch me at a till point! I’m a real girly girl who has a weakness for clothes, shoes and handbags! I tend to be the one who is always early too. I have an obsession for being on time! I’m also an organized tidy freak and can’t stand mess or bad smells!!
  • Favourite five items in my wardrobe: The first on my list would have to be my Balenciaga handbag. It goes with everything and I look after it like I would a child! I love all of my shoes so it’s hard to pick a favourite pair. As long as they are high, black and have a platform! Next I would say I bought a lovely dress from Yaya. It’s an LBB!! I’m a bit of a sucker for black…in an ungothic way. Haha. My UGG boots. I wear them all time with everything. They are so comfy! I’ve got three pairs now I don’t care if they are unfashionable. They are great! Finally I have a really nice hoodie from a make called LOVE ME LOVE MY CLOTHES. Its so cosy and perfect to wear to dance rehearsals.
  • My worst fashion disaster was…: Probably the whole of my youth but I can remember wearing a really bad bright orange shell suit. Wow!! What was I thinking?!
  • Favourite film: Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Meangirls or The Break-Up.
  • Favourite book: Anything by Martina Cole.
  • I am unique and special because…: I can make my arms move really weirdly. It grosses everybody out…you have to see it!
  • I think The Saturday's sound most like….: I’d say a mix of Rihanna crossed with Sugababes.
  • Where will we be in five years time….: Winning GRAMMY awards!
  • My motto: Never judge a book by its cover!
  • The band's motto: Live life to the full!!!
  • Best concert: Usher or Justin Timberlake. Both absolutely amazing!
  • Favorite all time Album: Usher’s Confessions and Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits. Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad too.
  • Favorite Brand (clothing/cosmetics/): Arrogant Cat, Topshop, Benefit and CHANEL makeup.
  • Favorite subject at school: Art, Music, English.
  • Favourite day of the week: Errr…HELLO…SATURDAY!!
  • Favourite song: Anything by The Saturdays. They are this really cool new girl band!
  • Fave TV show: The Hills.
  • Secret Crush: I can’t tell you because then it wouldn’t be a secret but I openly fancy Chris Brown.
  • Must have fashion accessory: A head band. I always wear them. Also a waist belt and some bangles can really dress up an outfit!
  • Biggest fear: Choking
  • Fave thing to do with friends: Shop, eat out, go to the cinema and obviously…PARTY!!!!
  • Do you play any musical instruments? No, I really want to learn though.
  • How would you spend the perfect Saturday? Get ready this is really girly! I would pick up my best friend, go for a manicure, hit the shops, buy an outfit to wear that evening! Woohhoo!!

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