All Chicks 5 en Odette Annable <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1985-05-10<br /><b >birthname</b > : Odette Juliette Yustman<br /><b >sign</b > : Taurus<br /><b >hometown</b > : Los Angeles, California<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><h2>Introduction</h2> <p>Annable was born in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California to a Cuban mother and a caucasian father. According to the actress, her mother, Lydia, is Cuban, and her father, Victor Yustman, who is of Italian and French descent, was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Nicaragua. Annable is fluent in Spanish.</p> <h2>Career</h2> <p>Odette started her career with a minor role, in the movie Kindergarten Cop as Rosa. After High School, she turned to modeling with a few roles through the years. Some of her credits include "Remembrance" and "Dear God", with a few guest appearances in "Quintuplets". In 2006, Odette was cast in <a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/jennifer-lopez/">Jennifer Lopez</a>'s "South Beach" where she played the main character. She was then cast in the drama "October Road" as Aubrey. In 2007, she starred in the Lifetime original movie Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape and followed it quickly with a ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Odette Annable</a> Thu, 26 Nov 2015 14:20:19 -0800 Idina Menzel <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1971-05-30<br /><b >nick</b > : Dee<br /><b >birthname</b > : Idina Kim Mentzel<br /><b >sign</b > : Gemini<br /><b >hometown</b > : Syosset, New York<br /><br /><p>Idina Kim Menzel is a Tony Award-winning American actress, singer and songwriter who achieved fame for her performances as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, in the Tony award-winning musical Wicked and as Maureen Johnson in the Broadway and film versions of Rent.</p> Thu, 26 Nov 2015 13:48:46 -0800 Patricia Clarkson <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 2010-12-26<br /><b >birthname</b > : Patricia Davies Clarkson<br /><b >sign</b > : Capricorn<br /><b >hometown</b > : New Orleans, Louisiana<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><p>Patricia Davies Clarkson is an American actress. After having a dramatic education on the East Coast, Clarkson launched her acting career in 1985, and has worked steadily in both film and television. She won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in Six Feet Under twice, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Pieces of April.</p> Thu, 26 Nov 2015 10:07:42 -0800 Carmen Ejogo <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1974-01-01<br /><b >birthname</b > : Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo<br /><b >sign</b > : Capricorn<br /><b >hometown</b > : London, England, UK<br /><b >country</b > : United Kingdom<br /><br /><p>Her television career began in the UK in the early 1990s, where she co-presented the children's series Saturday Disney. Subsequently, she has had an acting career in the US. She has appeared in Metro with Eddie Murphy, What's the Worst That Could Happen? with Martin Lawrence, and Love's Labour's Lost with Kenneth Branagh, among other films, and also presented her own video show (The Carmen Ejogo Video Show) on BSB's Power Station channel. She starred as Thomas Jefferson's slave mistress in the television drama [Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal].</p> <p>While performing in the HBO film Boycott, she met and later married Jeffrey Wright. They have one son, Elijah.</p> Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:46:56 -0800 Phoebe Cates <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1963-07-16<br /><b >nick</b > : Phoebe Cates<br /><b >birthname</b > : Phoebe Belle Katz<br /><b >sign</b > : Cancer<br /><b >hometown</b > : New York City, New York<br /><br /><p><b>Phoebe Cates</b> (born July 16, 1963) is an American actress who is best known for her role in the cult hit 1982 teen comedy film <i>Fast Times at Rigdemont High</i>, where she appeared opposite actors Sean Penn, later of <i>Bad Boys</i> and <i>The Falcon and The Snowman</i> fame and Judge Reinhold, later of the <i>Beverly Hills Cop</i> films fame.</p> <h2>Biography</h2> <h3>Early life and career</h3> <p>Phoebe was born <b>Phoebe Belle Katz</b> in New York City, the daughter of Lily and director and producer Joseph Cates (originally "Joseph Katz"). Her uncle is producer/director Gilbert Cates, and her stepfather was Marshall Naify, a horse breeder. Cates' maternal grandfather was of Chinese-Filipino descent, and her father as well as her maternal grandmother were of Russian-Jewish origin. Cates attended the Professional Children's School and the Juilliard School.</p> <p>Phoebe first achieved icon status in 1982 for her popular girl role in the highly successful ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Phoebe Cates</a> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 20:09:40 -0800 Emma Roberts <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1991-02-10<br /><b >nick</b > : Em<br /><b >birthname</b > : Emma Rose Roberts<br /><b >sign</b > : Aquarius<br /><b >hometown</b > : Rhinebeck, New York<br /><br /><h2>Introduction</h2> <p>Emma Roberts is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and the niece of actress <a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/julia-roberts/">Julia Roberts</a>.</p> <h2>Career</h2> <p>Emma rose to prominence for her lead role as Addie Singer in the Nickelodeon television series "Unfabulous," a role for which Roberts garnered various awards and critical acclaim. Following the success of the show in September 2005, she released her debut album, which also served as the show's soundtrack: <i>Unfabulous and More</i>. Roberts then pursued a solo singing career by recording two songs for the soundtracks of Ice Princess (2005) and Aquamarine (2006), and also starred in the the latter film. Emma then began to focus on her acting career, the title character in the film Nancy Drew (2007), and her voice-over debut in The Flight Before Christmas (2008).</p> <p>In 2008 and 2009 Roberts began to star in a number of coming-of-age and ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Emma Roberts</a> Tue, 24 Nov 2015 11:25:10 -0800 Agnes Bruckner <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1985-08-16<br /><b >birthname</b > : Agnes Bruckner<br /><b >sign</b > : Leo<br /><b >hometown</b > : Hollywood, California<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><p>Agnes Bruckner is an American actress. She began acting on television in the late 1990s and has since appeared in several films, her most popular to date being 2006's The Woods.</p> <p>Bruckner was born in Hollywood, California to a Hungarian father and a Russian mother who have since divorced; her paternal grandfather was German. Her parents met in Hungary and immigrated to the U.S. in 1984 through a refugee camp in Italy. She has two sisters and a brother.</p> <p>With strawberry blonde hair and an innocent smile, actress Agnes Bruckner has a strangely familiar face that seems to make her more sympathetic and identifiable than most of her onscreen contemporaries. Her stunning breakout performance as a troubled young girl who seeks escape from her downbeat life through poetry in Karen Moncrieff's Blue Car earned Bruckner an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead, pointing to a bright future for the ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Agnes Bruckner</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:54:55 -0800 Gina Gershon <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1962-06-10<br /><b >birthname</b > : Gina L. Gershon<br /><b >sign</b > : Gemini<br /><b >hometown</b > : Los Angeles, CA<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><p>Gina Gershon is a luscious American actress who has starred in films such as Face/Off (1997), Showgirls (1995), and Cocktail (1998). Gina’s distinguishing physical features are her full sexy lips that she loves to snarl on screen.</p> <p>Before Gina melted the hearts of male adolescence worldwide, she was the bad girl of the neighborhood. She grew up in the San Fernado Valley but her parents decided to move her to Beverly Hills because she was getting into trouble. But Gina wouldn’t linger long in the Hills as she decided to move to Boston to pursue her passion for acting. Eventually that passion for acting would land her in one of the worst sexy movies of our time: Showgirls. (You know, that movie with the Save By the Bell chick, Elizabeth Berkeley, that you watch when your girlfriend is away) That film hurt everyone’s career, except for Gina whose ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Gina Gershon</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:50:36 -0800 Candace Kita <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1980-12-27<br /><b >nick</b > : Candi<br /><b >birthname</b > : Candace Camille Bender<br /><b >sign</b > : Capricorn<br /><b >hometown</b > : Los Angeles County, California<br /><br /><p>Candace Kita is an Asian American actress most known for her work with Mel Gibson on ABC’s Complete Savages. Kita was originally a model with the Wilhelmina Agency and began to pursue her dream of acting after finishing school.</p> <h2>Early Life</h2> <p>Kita is a native of Los Angeles, CA. She lived in both Antwerp, Belgium and London, England during her childhood before her family settled in Texas. Kita attended The American School in London and the Antwerp International School in Belgium. In Texas, Kita graduated from Austin College, where she was the department Fellow in her major of philosophy and religion.</p> <h2>Modeling Career</h2> <p>Kita never thought about being a model. However, she walked into a hair salon with a friend as a teenager and was asked to pose for the salon’s advertisement. Soon she was with the prestigious Wilhelmina Agency and clients included: Neiman Marcus The Little Book, ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Candace Kita</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:37:13 -0800 Rosario Dawson <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1979-05-09<br /><b >nick</b > : Rosie<br /><b >birthname</b > : Rosario Dawson<br /><b >sign</b > : Taurus<br /><b >hometown</b > : New York, NY<br /><br /><h2>Introduction</h2> <p>There’s much debate among the hot-chick-admiring community—aka, “men”—about the ideal genetic mixture for the production of beauty. One clear recipe for success: Irish, Native American, African, Puerto Rican and Cuban—the combined heritages of actress Rosario Dawson.</p> <h2>Life Story</h2> <p>Raised in an abandoned building in Manhattan, Rosario grew up with aspirations of becoming a marine biologist. Then, while hanging out on a stoop, she was asked by filmmaker Larry Clark to appear in his controversial movie, <i>Kids</i>. After garnering positive reviews for her portrayal of Ruby, Rosario switched her focus to acting (sorry, dolphins), and in the next few years she appeared in a steady stream of films, most notably <i>He Got Game</i> (Milla Jovovich), <i>Down to You</i> (<a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/selma-blair/">Selma Blair</a>, <a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/julia-stiles/">Julia Stiles</a>) and <i>Josie and the Pussycats</i> (<a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/rachael-leigh-cook/">Rachael Leigh Cook</a>, <a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/parker-posey/">Parker Posey</a>, <a class="nopage" href="/chickipedia/tara-reid/">Tara Reid</a>). Since then, her career has been ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Rosario Dawson</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 20:32:26 -0800 Rosamund Pike <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1979-01-27<br /><b >nick</b > : Ros<br /><b >birthname</b > : Rosamund Mary Elizabeth Pike<br /><b >sign</b > : Aquarius<br /><b >hometown</b > : London, England, UK<br /><br /><p>Rosamund Pike is a British actress, and was Chelsea Clinton’s best friend while the former President’s daughter was at Oxford. In her acting career, Rosamund is best known as Bond villainess Miranda Frost in Die Another Day and Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Due to Rosamund’s smoking hot looks, one can be sure that ol’ Bill Clinton tried a thing or two on his visits to see Chelsea. Hopefully, Rosamund was more resistant to his charms than Monica Lewinsky.</p> <p>Rosamund was the only child of Caroline and Julian Pike, who were both musicians. She attended Badminton School (apparently a school specializing in badmitten, no ) before going onto Oxford and studying English Literature. During her time at Oxford, Rosamund studied acting in addition to literature and trying to avoid Chelsea’s dad.</p> <p>She starred in student productions Skylight, All My Sons, and several Shakespearean productions. ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Rosamund Pike</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 19:36:11 -0800 Essence Atkins <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1972-02-07<br /><b >birthname</b > : Essence Uhura Atkins<br /><b >sign</b > : Aquarius<br /><b >hometown</b > : Sherman Oaks, CA<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><p>Essence Atkins has appeared in a variety of films and television series, which include How High, Deliver Us From Eva, and The Cosby Show. One of her television roles was in the Saved by the Bell spin off, the College Years. She appeared in the pilot; however, when Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, a regular from the original, opted to return, she was written out of the show. She gained a cult following by portraying the oldest sibling, Yvette Henderson, on The WB's Smart Guy. From 2002 to 2006 Essence starred as Dee Dee Thorne on UPN's Half and Half. In 2007, she made two major TV appearances: an episode of the CBS sitcom, The Class, The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum, which aired in January 2007, and an episode of House that aired on October 2, 2007. In 2010 she will star in TBS' sitcom, "Are We There Yet ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Essence Atkins</a> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 19:29:30 -0800 Priya Rai Pornstar <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1977-12-25<br /><b >nick</b > : Anal Queen<br /><b >birthname</b > : Priya Rai Anjali<br /><b >sign</b > : Capricorn<br /><b >hometown</b > : New Delhi<br /><br /> Fri, 20 Nov 2015 13:53:56 -0800 Sarah Strange <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1974-09-06<br /><b >birthname</b > : Sarah Strange<br /><b >sign</b > : Virgo<br /><b >hometown</b > : Vancouver, British Columbia<br /><b >country</b > : Canada<br /><br /><p>Sarah Strange is an actress from Canada with an awesome name. She is probably best known as Helen in the Canadian drama Da Vinci's Inquest. She is the daughter of screenwriters L.S. and Marc Strange (creators of The Beachcombers), she grew up in Canada's entertainment industry, and has appeared in comedic, dramatic, and science fiction projects on both big and small screens since graduating high school.</p> <p>Strange has since garnered multiple Gemini Award nominations for her acting, winning an award for her guest role in the Canadian series Neon Rider at 21. Strange is also known for playing the voice of boy-type Ranma Saotome for the first three seasons of the anime series Ranma ½.</p> <p>Currently, Strange is among the cast of the ABC romantic comedy-drama Men In Trees, on which she portrays the town barmaid and a reconciling wife opposite Abraham Benrubi. The role comes two years after a ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Sarah Strange</a> Tue, 17 Nov 2015 14:03:12 -0800 Katija Pevec <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1988-03-01<br /><b >birthname</b > : Katija Mira Pevec<br /><b >sign</b > : Pisces<br /><b >hometown</b > : Honolulu, Hawaii<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /> Mon, 16 Nov 2015 19:24:53 -0800 Jessica St. Clair <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1977-09-21<br /><b >birthname</b > : Jessica St. Clair<br /><b >sign</b > : Virgo<br /><b >hometown</b > : Westfeild, New Jersey<br /><b >country</b > : United States<br /><br /><p>Jessica St. Clair is an American actress, writer, sketch comedienne and comedy improviser who often performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City and Los Angeles, usually as a member of the improv group Mother. Jessica has been a regular on the show Best Week Ever, offering her comedic insights on the happenings of the world.</p> Sun, 15 Nov 2015 18:09:22 -0800 Kim Rhodes <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1969-07-06<br /><b >nick</b > : Kim<br /><b >birthname</b > : Kim Rhodes<br /><b >sign</b > : Cancer<br /><b >hometown</b > : Portland, Oregon<br /><br /><p>Kimberly "Kim" Rhodes is an American actress, perhaps best known for her roles as "Cindy Harrison" in two different soap opera series, Another World and As the World Turns. She also plays Carey Martin in the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack &amp; Cody. and also worked on star trek vyager as ensign lyndsay ballard.</p> Sat, 14 Nov 2015 15:39:08 -0800 Tammin Sursok <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1983-08-19<br /><b >birthname</b > : Tammin Pamela Sursok<br /><b >sign</b > : Leo<br /><b >hometown</b > : Sydney, NSW<br /><b >country</b > : South Africa<br /><br /><p>Tammin Sursok is a South African-born Australian actress and musician. She is known for the roles of Dani Sutherland on Home and Away and Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless. She also launched a singing career (under the name Tammin), with her debut single, "Pointless Relationship", released on November 14, 2004 and debuting in the top 10 of the Australian singles chart the following week.</p> <p>Music is in Tammin's DNA. Her mother, Julie, is an award-winning singer who collected a Springbok award (ARIA equivalent) in South Africa for Best New Talent prior to emigrating to Australia. <i>I've kind of been brought up in the music industry</i>, says Tammin. <i>Mum is a classically trained pianist and guitar player, and still teaches guitar. Plus there were always old records by Michael Jackson and The Beatles playing in our house. So I guess I've been exposed to music all my life</i>.</p> ...<br /><br />read more about <a href="" >Tammin Sursok</a> Sat, 14 Nov 2015 11:43:21 -0800 Torrey DeVitto <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1984-06-08<br /><b >nick</b > : Tor, Torrey Jo<br /><b >birthname</b > : Torrey Joel DeVitto<br /><b >sign</b > : Gemini<br /><b >hometown</b > : Long Island, NY<br /><br /><p>Torrey DeVitto is an American actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her roles on "One Tree Hill," "Beautiful People," and "Pretty Little Liars."</p> Sat, 14 Nov 2015 11:10:33 -0800 Joanna Bacalso <img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><img src="" width="140" height="180" /><br /><b >birthday</b > : 1984-04-12<br /><b >nick</b > : Joe<br /><b >birthname</b > : Joanna<br /><b >sign</b > : Aries<br /><b >hometown</b > : Philippines<br /><br /><p>Joanna Bacalso is a Filipino TV and movie actress and a former model. Her model career includes work for Tommy Hilfiger to Banana Republic. She has a notable role as Barb in Snow Dogs. Bacalso lives in the U.S. and is married to the actor Matthew Garel since 1998, they have one child.</p> Fri, 13 Nov 2015 10:06:08 -0800