Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third

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Saints Row: The Third: The Kotaku Review Kanye West's "Power" plays a central, recurring role in Volition's new open-world crime game Saints Row: The Third. The tune has been featured in the game's exhaustive promotional materials, plays regularly on its in-game ...

Head2Head: Saints Row: The Third Analysis (PS3 vs. Xbox 360) Head2Head: Saints Row: The Third Screenshot Comparison and Performance Analysis (PS3 vs. Xbox 360). We go Head2Head with Saints Row: The Third on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Buy Saints Row: The Third on PS3, get SR2 free • Buy a copy of Saints Row: The Third on PlayStation 3 before 13th February and you can claim a complimentary download of Saints Row 2, THQ has announced. The deal was announced earlier this week for customers in ...

Watch One of Saints Row: The Third's Most Out-There Gags This week, I've been sharing a few short videos to give a sense of what Saints Row: The Third is all about. We've seen a chaotic way to start your day, how to customize your radio stations, and how fun the character creator is, ...

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