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Seka (born Dorothea Hundley in Radford, VA) began appearing in big budget adult films in 1978 at about twenty-four years of age. She has been featured in over 140 adult films. Seka took her stage name "Seka" from a Serbo-Croatian term of endearment for a little girl, similar to "little sweetheart" or "little darling". At age seventeen, in 1971, young Dorothea married Frank Patton, who at the time was an aluminum factory worker, after she graduated from Hopewell High School. She was 17 years old and a virgin on her wedding night; the couple divorced in 1972 when she was still only 18. A young Dorothea who, while in high school, was voted Miss Hopewell High, also won a Miss Southside Virginia pageant.

Seka Biography


Seka entered porn business in 1976 after running an adult bookstore and complaining to suppliers that she looked better than actresses and models in the items she was selling, so on the whims of then boyfriend, aspiring porn actor/director Ken Yontz, who later became her second husband in 1978, officialy entered the world of adult cinema. They would later divorce in 1980, when she entered the height of her popularity as a porn starlet. She moved to Los Angeles with Yontz with the express ambition to be a sex star, never even considering trying out for more mianstream roles. Seka found work as a supporting player, but it wasn’t until 1978’s Blonde Fire, where she starred opposite John Holmes, that she found the huge success that she’d been craving. Seka’s popularity soared just as the adult film industry was experiencing its video boom, and her name was on the lips of everyone who was curious about this exploding film scene.

After 1981, Seka's career began to slow down and her movies became few and far between. Nevertheless, her popularity continued to grow, as did her status within the porn industry as she began feature dancing. She even began a mail-order business to supplement the income she was earning in porn, with a clientele reaching 90,000 at its peak. She would sell, among other things, used underwear, custom polaroids, custom video cassettes, cigarette lighters, keychains and mugs. By then Seka had decided to change her image, and began to take speech lessons. Seka recalls:

"It's hard enough having men take you seriously when you're platinum-haired, voluptuous and a porno star, but even harder when you say 'git' instead of 'get'." She also decided to have silicon implants: "I wanted them to stay where they were and had them fixed to stay there rather than going south."

Later career

By the early 1990's Seka's mail-order business was fading, and she admitted to being "tired of competing with the younger strippers." In 1993 she made what became her final porn film, entitled American Garter. The film received a lot of exposure both in the adult industry and the mainstream media. The end result, however, was a massive disappointment. American Garter was a well made movie, but it lacked eroticism. More importantly, while still strikingly attractive, Seka had did'nt quite have the same slender, curvaceous figure that had made her famous. Although only 39 at the time, Seka, unlike other porn stars such as Annette Haven, Nina Hartley or Ginger Lynn, had been unable to retain her younger look. No matter how well a movie is made, the porn industry is based on how good the actress looks on film. Not only did Seka now look overweight and middle-aged, she also lacked any sense of enthusiasm when it came to on-screen sex. She only appeared in two scenes throughout the entire film, neither of which lit up the screen.

Hobbies and Personal

Seka, who is an avid baseball fan, regularly attends Chicago Cubs & Chicago White Sox games. She also collects major and minor league baseball hats. Seka had a short-lived marriage had been to Chicago businessman William Montgomery III. Following his death she has, for the most part, remained in Chicago, but has kept her distance from possible future serious relationships. She also has maintained a residence in Kansas City, MO as well.

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