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When I was younger… | | Sugar Daddy DiarySugar Daddy Diary Posted on February 12, 2012 by Sugar Daddy David. Many of the nice young ladies I have met over the years, have asked me all kinds of crazy stuff. Like, my first ever College SB asked me: 'David, how was dating back when you were young ...

Obama's New “Sugar Daddy”? Warren Buffett Stands to Profit ... This is the SECOND move by Obama that has some questioning the profits possibly gained by Warren Buffett through Obama's actions. ================ ========================== From The Blaze: BUFFETT ...

Sugar Daddy | Talking Points Memo A whopping 70 percent of the contributions to Jon Huntsman's PAC came from his old man….

Sugar Babies Looking for Sugar Daddy…come on!!! Sugar Babies Looking for Sugar Daddy…come on!!! February 12, 2012. Tell me what you think. I am stuck with this one. Today I interviewed Noel Biderman of Established Men on “Talk With Francesca”. Noel owns an online dating service ...

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