Summer Walker

Summer Walker
===About Her=== Summer Patrice Scalisi Walker was born on September 28, 1984. She was raised in a small town right outside of Houston, Texas named Beaumont.


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About Her

Summer Patrice Scalisi Walker was born on September 28, 1984. She was raised in a small town right outside of Houston, Texas named Beaumont.

Growing up she was very quiet and pretty much stuck to herself. Social events were not on her major priority list of things to do, she mostly spent her nights at home reading, writing poetry or just talking on the phone with friends. While in high school she took band, and music which seemed to be her passion as well as dance. A lot of times this is what she had to turn to in order to keep her sanity and maintain a positive attitude.

Early Life & Career

Living in a small town, she was bound to arouse criticism for having dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful actress. Her life had a million and one tragedies but none kept her from accomplishing her dreams and goals in life. After graduating from Central High School with the class of 2003, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia almost two months later. At the time she got engaged and thought that that was all life had to offer to her. She later decided to continue her studies by going to school. From then on she maintained a pretty normal lifestyle.

Summer has always been an exceptional student in school, but for some reason college was just not grasping her attention at that moment in time. After seperating herself of a horrible relationship she turned to modeling as a form of creativity since band seemed to not be something she could turn to while not attending college. Her pictures began to circulate and gained a lot of buzz with her first batch of photos. Soon she was approached for a video and took the offer because not only was it paying good money, but it seemed like a great opportunity for her to finally come out of her shell.


She has come far. She has made appearances in Trillville's "Some Cut", also doing hit videos such as David Banner's "Play", Kanye West's "Golddigger", T.I.'s "Imma King", Smitty's "Diamonds On My Neck", Lil' Jon's "Snap Ya Fingaz", Franchise Boys's "Lean Wit It Rock Wit It", and even doing some international videos.

She was nominated for Vibe Video Goddess of the Year in 2005. She has ompleted gorgeous layouts in magazines such as XXL EyeCandy in the September 2005 Anniversary issue, Smooth September for 2005, Vibe Magazine in November 2005, and December 2005 for Nomination. With the diversity of work that she has done she has never had an extra role in any video and has always showed personality even without words.


Summer is a star. She has a great heart, is strong-mind, and an amazingly gorgeous body. She hopes that in the future to be able to help young women and children gain confidence in whatever they want to do in life. These goals and aspirations are not just for her career and satisfaction but to be able to show the world that you can complete your dreams and reach your goals all you need is to make the right decisions based off of in-detailed research and drive.


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