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Tarra White (born November 19, 1987 in Ostrava Czechoslovakia) is an award-winning Czech pornographic actress. She is a contract performer for Private Media Group.

Tarra White Biography

At the age of five, White wanted to be a stripper when she grew up and would practice stripping in her bedroom. By age thirteen, she aspired to be a porn star and practiced posing with her mother's high heel shoes. Her mother caught her practicing and was unhappy when she learned about her daughter's ambitions. White first had sex at the age of 16.

White entered the adult industry on her eighteenth birthday while still in high school. She shot her first scene with Robert Rosenberg in public in front of the University of Prague.[2][4] She was stressed about being naked in front of many people in the middle of the street that she kept forgetting to look at the camera.

White writes a blog for the Private Sexclusive series that is updated bi-weekly with news and photos.

Since May 2008, White, as Martina Mrakviová, is one of anchors in "Red News" (a program where female anchors strip as they read the news, similar to Naked News), on a website operated by Czech TV Nova.

Tarra White Awards

* 2006 Golden Star (Prague Erotica Show) for Best Starlet * 2007 Golden Star for Best Czech Republic Porn Actress * 2008 FICEB Ninfa Award for Best Supporting Actress for Wild Waves (Woodman Entertainment)

Tarra White on the Web

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