Tinka Milinovic

Tinka Milinovic
==Introduction== Tinka Milinovic is Bosnian born opera singer (Master of Music degree from University of Louisiana, 1998), international TV star, producer, model, actress, endorsement face, successful recording artist, hot chick with the balls. .


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Tinka Milinovic Introduction

Tinka Milinovic is Bosnian born opera singer (Master of Music degree from University of Louisiana, 1998), international TV star, producer, model, actress, endorsement face, successful recording artist, hot chick with the balls... Name it - she's done it. Every guy wants to bone her, every girl wants to be her best friend.

She is sought after by many descendants of rich families and famous bachelors in Europe.

Tinka is this unique combination of things. Some things that may even seem like contradictions until you really know her and then it all makes perfect sense. She would never be described as a simple woman. She is wonderfully complex, has many facets, and each one tells a little part of who she is. She is an old soul with a childlike heart, one who can still see the world in the way a child does, full of wonder. As an old soul, she has a mature way of seeing the world, a sense of experience beyond her years. And when she walks into a room, everyone seems to notice, but to her it's nothing special, it's just who she is. She has this thing I call "an unassuming grace". When she and I are in a big room of people together, I can look at her from across the room and speak to her with only a glance and a smile, and she knows exactly what I'm saying to her. Tinka is a very capable woman, she is smart. I like a smart woman. And, while some men may find that intimidating, I find it sexy. She is passionate. And if honoring her is the form of spoiling, then yes, I wish to spoil her. Spoiling for me isn't buying affection, it's honoring that one soul that I would like to belong in my life. Tinka is very passionate, and not just in the context of her life, friendships or relationships, but she believes in things, and when she feels strongly about something, she isn't afraid to tell you...

Tinka Milinovic Life Story

Tinka was born in Sarajevo, where she attended a school of music, playing flute. In 1991, as adventerous as she is, she moved to the United States on her own, and in 1992 entered Louisiana College to study Vocal Performance under prof.Dr.Loryn Frey. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music degree in 1996.

In 1998 Tinka received Master of Music degree in Opera/Vocal Performance from University of Louisiana under prof. Margaret Daniel. During this time, Tinka also taught as a graduate teaching assistant in the School of Music at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Tinka graduated at the top of her class, both as a scholar and a performer.

Additionally, she further trained her voice with the Metropolitan Opera primadonna Martina Arroyo in New York.

After completing her training, she performed a great deal of roles in different operas, musicals, and opera scenes. Apart from these stage roles, Tinka also held solo concerts and has collaborated with Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Sarajevo Philharmonics. She worked as a private voice teacher, and as a personal assistant to conductor Jonathan Sheffer in New York.

Tinka has competed at the Bosnian Eurovision Song Contest national finals with songs "Sve sto imas ti"(2002), "I’m Never Gonna Gall"(2003), and “Sometimes I Wish I Were a Child Again”(2005). Although not winning in 2002, Tinka became an over-night sensation getting offers to host her own TV and radio shows, the lead role in Sarajevo Opera, and first big endorsement deals.

Tinka further went on to Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia, as a back-vocalist and dancer to a Bosnian representative that year.

In 2003, Tinka was invited and performed as the only artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina ever to take part in Eurovision Show Berlin 2003. In 2006 she was invited again and performed at the Eurovision Show, this time in Munich.

In 2005, Tinka entered ESC again with a song written by ESC most-rewarded composer Ralph Siegel from Germany, and tied the 1st place.

In 2006, Tinka represented Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece.

Tinka recorded the following music albums:

- Six4One “If We All Give A Little” (2006 CHIPS RECORDS, EDEL, PHONAG)


Tinka's latest album "T.I.N.K.A" (2006) is nominated in all 6 categories for Bosnian Music Awards 2007: Pop Album, Pop Song, Pop Video, Pop Artist of the Year, The Best New Artist, and The Best Female Performance.

Tinka is an official face of ESCADA perfums.

Tinka signed a year long endorsement conract with the world-renowned Slovenian jewellery firm ZLATARNA CELJE (founded in 1844), becoming their official face as well.

Tinka is also endorsed by Phyris Premium Spa Cosmetics as their official face in BH.

Tinka is the host of highest rated television show in the country "TV Bingo Show" airing live on FTV every Friday evening, its 6th successful season.

Tinka also hosts TV show for Knotika TV, Dubai, UAE.

Tinka stars as Sylva Varescu, the leading female role, in opera "The Queen of Czardas" at the National Opera House in Sarajevo, and is preparing for a role of Adelle in “Die Fledermaus”.

She hosted summer TV show “Summer with FTV” also airing live on FTV.

Croatian Playboy has been interested, for several years now, in doing a cover with Tinka. She has thus far avoided it. We hate her for that.

In October 2005, Tinka performed at Kenya Fashion Week in Nairobi, Kenya, as a special music guest at the Gala opening ceremony.

Tinka performs as a solo artist with large repertoire of her original, as well as jazz, cabaret, and classical music. She successfully records commercials for television and radio.

For two years Tinka successfully ran her own radio contact talk-show Tinka Show - No Offense on the biggest Bosnian national radio station (BH Radio 1).

Tinka represented Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in May 2006, with Ralph Siegel’s song. Tinka is the first artist from Bosnia to be invited, sing, and compete for another country at Eurovision Song Contest.

At the "Stari Grad" festival in Serbia, Tinka impressed judges enough to walk away with the runner-up prize. Not only that, but she was also given the special award for the best stage performance at the festival.

Tinka released her solo album T.I.N.K.A on Dec.28, 2006. Even before her album was officially released, Tinka has sold over 6,000 copies to fans who registered earlier.

Tinka, due to her charming sincerity, alluring wits, and remarkable sex appeal, is also known for her "natural genetic celebrity" status. So far, she has been the only highly educated artist in Bosnia-Herzegovina with Masters Degree in Music (Opera), and the only female artist who hasn't failed yet to break all barriers and stereotypes that the title of opera singer brings with it.

Tinka is rumoured to be the reason why French President Sarkozy is separating from his wife.

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