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Troy Halston Why don't you tell us how your fellow alliance member David Starr is doing? If you are so right why not repost what got you into trouble in the first place? You forget that I Troy Halston go way back with you. I will not lie for you ...

Troy Halston: my first post ... all those he asked me to tell, and i decided enough is enough. from this moment i, troy halston renounce the living turd damon kruezer/kent barclay and declare my freedom from his lies and join the truth tellers in exposing ...

Troy Halston: DAMON HEAD Posted by Troy Halston at 9:25 AM. 3 comments: Dane Avery said... Aaah, but Troy, you are wrong. When you are Kent, a Golden Retriever IS a beagle. After all, his 84 year-old mother Barbara is a cow. I hope that explains it.

Troy Halston: Finally a REAL pic of Kent 12 comments: Troy Halston said... Well there you have it. Not only have our forensic experts gotten the deep intel on this pic after extensive profiling, but it has been confirmed by MATT RUSH, Mark Adams, and Billy Masters!

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