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I got into Cosplay....

...over 8 years ago! The short answer is that I went to a con, saw cosplay in action, and got hooked. But to elaborate - I have been an anime/manga fan since childhood after watching "Saint Seiya" at age 8. By 1999 I had read and watched tons of Japanimation and was an avid artist in Arizona. Through the local anime club I learned about Anime Expo and decided to attend the con to sell my artwork. I found www.fansview.com and photos of the previous AX years, including pictures of people dressed up as these cool anime characters. Before knowing what this phenomenon was, I instantly became attracted to it - what better way to show my childhood love for the anime/manga fandom than to "become" my favorite characters? Unfortunately I didn't know how to sew back then, so I asked a kind friend to show me the basic use of a sewing machine and patterns. With her help I made my first piece of (Asian inspired) garment and wore it to Anime Expo. Throughout the weekend I kept seeing more people dressed up and learned that this was called COSPLAY! It was all over from that point on. I continued making costumes, experimenting and learning by doing and reading sewing books. I think a lot of the fun in costuming lies within problem solving. In 8 years, between costumes for myself, friends and customers, I have made over 100 complete costumes. As you can see from my galleries, I have a fairly broad taste - ranging from anime/manga/video games to movies, comics, j-music, and a variety of original designs. I think I just get easily excited about entertainment in general lol. What kept my interest in cosplay all these years and after all these sewing projects is the creative freedom I experience. It's not only sewing but also sculpting, wig-work, props, makeup, photography etc. The possibilities are endless and I am constantly learning something new, which is a lot of fun!

I work as a costume designer/model/cosplayer for a living...

...which can sound confusing. Sometimes I get questions about how I can be a "Cosplayer" for a living, so just to clarify - I make costumes and cosplay accessories for a living on a freelance basis, and I get paid sometimes to design costumes, to make and wear my costumes for events, and to model them for photoshoots. I used to have a salary desk job and did not enjoy it, so to be able to make my hobbies my everyday work is wonderful. I get to take trips often and meet new friends as well as spend time with far away ones, and I am creatively stimulated all the time. Of course there are drawbacks, such as jet lag and never having a true day off, but I would rather stay busy than be bored. :) I would love to continue to have steady work as a costume designer, it is really a career I have dreamed of since almost a decade now, and it’s something I can see myself enjoy doing for years to come.

As for modeling, I got into it through making costumes a few years ago. Two friends of mine really began to spend time with me doing Photography - Meg Hanson who photographed me modeling her creations for www.theFaeriegrove.com back in year 2001, and Nadine Dodd who kindly shot several of my personal outfits. Both really inspired me to pursue modeling as a part of costuming. I branched out into fashion and glamor style modeling through another incredible artist, Kevin Stewart of Black Eye Photography, who pushes me to new heights with each photo shoot we do. We even exhibited a gallery of three years of collaborated photography work between us. I love modeling because of the creative process of storytelling and the power a good picture can have. Same reason I love art on paper - composing well-rounded images with care. I also love modeling because it challenges me to act in front of a camera and portray a variety of characters. However, In the end my passion lies with costume design, so modeling will probably always stay a semi-hobby to me. I really enjoy it but I would be bored as just a model hired to wear other people's clothes. The photoshoots I love are the crazy artistic concepts where I can be creative.

Cosplay and conventions....

...go hand in hand for me. I started out going to cons as a regular attendee who cosplayed and entered contests with my outfits. My friends and I were always working on elaborate dramatic skits that combined choreographed dancing and interactions with music (no dialogue) into a summary of whatever series we were cosplaying from. We were very successful with our style of performances and won major awards at almost every convention we entered. But after competing heavily for about 2 years I got tired of spending all of my precious convention times working on the skits and waiting backstage, so I stopped entering contests and just cosplayed in the halls and hung out with my friends. I also started taking an interest in doing photoshoots outside of cons with my costumes, which largely was thanks to my enthusiastic photographer friends! Then something shifted in the convention scene. In the US, a number of conventions started taking interested in inviting cosplayers as guests, and I have had the honor of being a guest a good number of times in the last few years. Usually, after being approached by the event and signing a contract, I help out with the cosplay related programming - giving panels and workshops on constructing costumes and discussing other helpful topics for cosplayers, wearing costumes around, judging the costume contests, that sort of stuff. I think it is great when a con realizes the pull cosplay has for their event - let's face it, cosplayers are the visual community of the anime fandom. We brighten up the halls of the conventions and help make the atmosphere fun and colorful! Aside from attending national cons, I also got to travel to several countries through cosplay, all of which have been fascinating. There are some key differences between US cons and events abroad. It is under my impression that Mexico, Brazil and Italy seem to take cosplay more serious at their events and put a lot of effort into assisting cosplayers. For example - the contests often offer nice cash prizes, cosplayers sometimes have a dressing and rest area, and even receive discount or free badges at certain events. I'd like to think that foreign conventions want to nurture cosplay. Heck, even mainstream media also seems more interested in conventions and cosplay in general. For stage performances, some foreign conventions allow live steel, pyrotechnics, and other special effects that are strictly forbidden in the US. I understand the safety issue, but those rules definitely limit what we can do on stage locally. I can honestly say that some of the best skits I have seen were performed in other countries. I love visiting cons abroad and talking about the differences between cultures, conventions and communities. We might not all speak the same languages, but we share the same love for anime and cosplay! I have made some great friends and met some absolutely incredible cosplayers.

You can see my upcoming travel schedule here!

Read on if you're curious...

...about my personal life. To start off, I am Chinese and lived in Asia until I was nine, and then moved to Germany with my mother. I remained in Europe for almost a decade and during that time got to travel a lot with my family. I think through those experiences I became brave enough to move to the United States on my own. Here I lived in Arizona and Atlanta until settling in Las Vegas two years ago. This is an amazing city to live in - there is always something to do, something to see, and you can get any sort of food you crave 24 hours a day. No matter where though, I can't seem to sit still for long. I LOVE to travel. The first time I got on a plane I was four months old! I was raised to feel very comfortable in strange locations, and a craving for adventure stuck with me I guess lol! I like going anywhere new and different, trying strange foods, all that stuff. Through out my teenage years I was obsessed with Archeology, so my family and I visited Egypt, Greece and many parts of China multiple times to see historical sites. Other countries I have visited include Thailand, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Tunisia and Mexico. Next on my list are Japan and Australia. In my limited free-time, I love to watch movies, read epic fantasy novels and go shopping. I also love to sing and am developing a great love for photography (meaning taking photos). But for most of my life, my biggest passion was art - I mainly do shoujo manga style artwork with lots of details and work with mediums such as pen/ink and copic markers/watercolors. In 1998 I even got published with a 90+ page manga called "Cherry Blossom". I original created the manga as a school project, to educate my classmates about the phenomenon of Japanese comics, but through a stroke a luck the largest European Japanimation magazine AnimaniA picked up my manga for a special issue that printed 25,000 copies. I think under different circumstances I would have continued to pursue that career path, but I started enjoying doing elaborate illustrations more the older I got. After moving to the States, I entered art shows and had artist alley tables at conventions for a while. Then the cosplay bug really bit me and took over most of my time and attention! I only regret slowing down in my pursuit of art to a point, because I feel very satisfied with my current love for costume making and I get to intergrate art into it constantly through designing and sketching, resulting in me staying creatively fulfilled. As for pets, I have a funny history with them. While living in Germany my family owned over 100 terrariums filled with snakes, spiders, scorpions, geckos, chameleons etc…. even a Gila monster who had a kickass personality (he owned a chicken as his pet lol)! I grew up around many different kinds of animals and came to like them very much. These days I prefer cuddly animals though, and have owned everything from bunnies to cats to ferrets. The love of my life however is my Silkie Terrier Captain Nemo. He totally converted me from a cat person to a dog person, if that tells you something.

So here you have it! Please feel free to browse the site, look through my galleries, and drop me a line if you still have questions. Hopefully I'll see you at a show sometime!

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