Zena Foster

Zena Foster
=== '''Who is Zena Foster?''' === You hear the mention of blue, green, hazel eyes in so many songs, . .


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Who is Zena Foster?

You hear the mention of blue, green, hazel eyes in so many songs, ... My argument is the color of one's eye does not define their beauty". Green"...Hazel Green is the color of Zena Foster's Beautiful eyes. Zena moved to Los Angeles from St.Louis to further her dance career. Since then she has built a resume that just doesn't end. She's also captivated so many people with her essence of dance in many songs. Zena Foster, grew up in St. Louis with a dream to become one of the world's top dancer. She studied Jazz, Hip Hop, ballet and tap..creating her own style and making a mark in the world of Television shows, music videos and film.


Right now she is the newest "Video Vixen" in the new Omarion "Entourage" video. You would also remember her from the 50 cent "Candy Shop" she was the one bathing in the chocolate bath. Zena has also been featured in magazines promoting hair products, and commercials for Dr.Pepper and is the official D'Lashes model. Zena is also working on shooting an aerobics DVD. She also has a calendar coming out with the collaborations of Lil X and All That Glitters Entertainment for the Top X 2006-2007 calendar girls. She is currently shooting a DVD with Director Chris Robinson and Robot Films called "So you wanna be a Video Girl." Make sure you check her out on Showtimes Damon Wayans Presents the "Underground". Zena's face and body will soon be recognized.

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