Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana
Thin and beautiful Zoe Saldana first made waves when she co-starred in the otherwise horrendous film ''Crossroads'' alongside [[britney-spears]]. The film was indeed a crossroad; Spears soon began to fall, while Saldana's career took off.


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Sultry Saldana
Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario
New Jersey
United States
Long Legs Incredible Body

Thin and beautiful Zoe Saldana first made waves when she co-starred in the otherwise horrendous film Crossroads alongside Britney Spears. The film was indeed a crossroad; Spears soon began to fall, while Saldana's career took off.

Saldana was born in New Jersey to Dominican parents, but was raised in Queens, New York. As a youth, her father died which caused her family to move back to the Dominican Republic. There she remained until her mother decided to move back to The States after her sophomore year in high school. Back in the US, Saldana enrolled in acting classes while flipping burgers at a local Burger King. In retrospect, Saldana may be the hottest Burger King Employee of all time. She got her big break in 2000 with a role in the dance movie Centerstage and never looked back. Her former fellow Burger King employees are still reeling from this loss.

In 2002 she was in two movies with two of the most annoying people in entertainment. The first was the aformentioned Crossroads alongside Spears. The movie was about three hot girls who take a roadtrip to "find themselves" before realizing what they were looking for all along was right inside of them. The second was Drumline which co-starred the perennially annoying Nick Cannon as a star drummer chasing the way-out-of-his-league-even-in-real-life Saldana. The following year she had a part in the extremely successful movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Over the next few years she worked steadily in films such as The Terminal (2004), Guess Who (2005), Ways of the Flesh (2006) and Vantage Point (2008), as well as the short lived TV series Six Degrees.

Next up for Saldana was the blockbuster movie Star Trek (2009), in which she was cast against physical type as Lt. Uhura. One sci-fi blockbuster was not enough for Zoe, so she followed that up with the even bigger hit Avatar (2009), in which her already skinny frame was elongated and turned blue but remained attractive.

Zoe was featured in a boat load of less impressive films in 2010 including Takers (2010), Burning Palms (2010), The Losers (2010) and the unnecessary American remake of Death at a Funeral (2010).

Although Zoe has displayed her flatness in transparent tops for photographers, she's been shy in movies. While making Death at a Funeral, Saldana was reportedly unnerved when co-star James Marsden shed his pants for a scene. Although that was the way in was shot in the British version, Marsden apparently did not tell Zoe beforehand that he intended to follow suit, or no suit.

"Afterwards, I yelled at him, 'Warn me if you ever do that again or I'm going to punch you,'" Zoe was quoted in an interview on azcentral.com. "And he's like, 'But you were such a lady. You never looked down.'"

Saldana told Parade.com that she insisted scenes in The Losers be rewritten as she didn't want to bare all. Her decision did not improve the movie.

"The way that scene was written in the original script, my character was naked," the site quoted Zoe. "I literally told the director, 'If I am going to do this scene, there is no way I'm going to be nude because it just isn't necessary or even believable.' So there was a negotiation and I ended up in my bra and panties."

In an interview with Complex magazine, Zoe objected to men "dictating" what is or is not sexy. In this society, women are expected to express fewer judgments, but that doesn't change their opinions, she said.

"We have the same critical opinion about men, but we’re sympathetic and discreet and we won’t share it all the time. I mean, do you really think we like a man with a gut? A bald man? Are you kidding me?!" the magazine quoted her.

Since one of those Losers scenes involved Zoe in bed with another character, though, it may be hard to write a situation where she finds nudity necessary. In the same interview, Zoe implied another reason for not disrobing, admitting she is jealous of women with cleavage.

"Even before you’re in Hollywood, at 14 years old you want to have more because your sister has a better rack than you and you see how beautiful she is," itty bitty Zoe said, before admitting, "it’s too late, everybody knows I’m flat-chested.”

Saldana took advantage of the opportunity to learn about breasts in an August 2011 appearance on Chelsea Lately, leaning forward to host Chelsea Handler and asking, "Can I touch 'em?" With Handler's permission, little Zoe then felt her up. "Yeah, they're real," said an obviously awed Zoe. "They're really good!"

While Zoe gushed about Handler's "amazing" rack, the hostess exclaimed, "You're so tiny!" and expressed surprise that Saldana could play "a bas-ass bitch." Zoe took that as a compliment, explaining that as an actress, "your body is your office... while everyone else is going out and having pizza and beer, I stay and eat a celery stick." That prompted Chelsea to nickname her "a bad-ass celery stick."

Zoe was promoting Colombiana in which she played a kick-ass assassin out to avenge the murder of her parents. But she remained shy on screen, as a review on newjerseynewsroom.com noted, "Saldana spends a lot of screen time getting into and out of skimpy clothes, without ever being nude unobscured in full light."

But that and other reviews cited her thin, skin-tight catsuit, worn with nothing underneath and revealing that Zoe has no more than an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. Saldana could be the Dominican-American Keira Knightley, except for her decision to keep her minuscule charms under wraps.

So while it may be impossible to believe that Saldana's Uhura will ever grow up to be the bodacious Uhura of Nichelle Nichols, expect more _ or less _ of the same when Zoe reprises the role in the next Star Trek movie. James Cameron has always threatened to make Avatar 2: This Time It's for the Money with Saldana.

Despite those pending performances, Zoe admitted that success, coupled with the demands of travel and training for her high-profile roles, already has taken a physical toll. While training in Paris for her demanding Colombiana role, the slightly built actress said she broke down in a crying jag at her hotel.

So it was little surprise in November 2011, when her representatives confirmed Saldana's "amicable" split from long-time beau and business partner Keith Britton. Although together for 11 years, the couple only announced their engagement in June 2010. At that time, Saldana said that Britton was very supportive of her life in the Hollywood spotlight, and that he was the only person who knew "the real Zoe."

Saldana and the entrepreneur Britton remain involved in a fashion business, and Zoe has received her share of praise for her personal style. But in 2010, she told Self magazine, "I've never really been that feminine." While she described her wardrobe as elegant, sexy and sophisticated, she also called it "tomboyish" and "aggressive." Growing up in the DR, she said, she wore much more black than bright colors. Zoe told Access Hollywood that every woman should have "a pair of tall black leather riding boots."

"Zoe is Hollywood’s new ‘it’ girl, there’s no doubt about that,’" according to Marvet Britto of the Britto Agency.

Despite her box-office success, beautiful face and rail-thin figure, some aryan-centric major magazines have conspicuously ignored Saldana. That's been especially true of Vanity Fair, which has been called "the house organ of Eurotrash" and celebrates generally less successful white actresses. Despite her fashion connections, Marie Claire and other titles also have kept Zoe off their covers.

After breaking off her serious, long-term relationship with Britton, Zoe apparently was looking for the most superficial relationship possible, and that could only mean Bradley Cooper. The two hooked up during the making of The Words. But hardly had Cooper introduced Zoe to his mom when he changed his tiny mind.

"He dumped her," a source told E! News in March 2012. "He just doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment."

E! quoted a purported friend that the two have "a great friendship," although apparently not great enough to prevent Brad from playing the field.

Zoe made the Maxim 2012 Hot 100 list coming in at number 45.

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