Marini’s Candies knows what people like. They know that the people like; they know that they like chocolate, and they know that they like bacon. Why, then, wouldn’t they like the heavenly marriage of the two? It’s as natural as peanut butter and jelly or Frosties and fries from Wendy’s. Enter: chocolate covered bacon. 

You can get this sweet and salty treat delivered to your door from Marini’s today. Head to their site and choose either dark or light chocolate into which “golden & crispy” strips of our favorite swine-based meat product are dipped and then cooled to room temperature. 

For the price of $9 (plus shipping – 2-day if you’re outside California), you can get a 1 pound box of chocolate covered bacon delivered to your doorstep. No word on the nutritional facts, but if you’re worried about that sort of thing, you might not want to even bother.