If you’re like every other working adult in the world — longing for a return to the simple pleasures of childhood while concurrently relishing the distinct social advantages of being over 21 — we’ve got some good news for you: Someone is finally selling chocolate milk mixed with vodka.

It’s called Adult Chocolate Milk, it’s produced by a company called Adult Beverage Co. and, though we can’t yet speak from experience, it’s difficult to imagine any way that it wouldn’t be delicious, or at least delicious enough to pound a glass before bedtime.

Originally concocted for personal use by one of the company’s two founders, the 40-proof coco-infused mixture is available for $24 per one-liter bottle. Adult Beverage Co. is also planning to release a small line of additional kids drinks for grown-ups, including Adult Limeade, Adult Orange Cream and Adult Fruit Punch. The company has not yet announced whether they will sell these products in juice box form.