Everybody loves our sugar daddy, Break.com. They’ve got some of the nut-crushingingly best online videos out there. But it’s not all just found gold. Break’s Creative Labs wants your help deciding on their next original short.

There’s three concepts up for grabs. Head to the voting page, now, to help decide which one deserves to be made, and then made famous.

Lucky Losers

Nate is one of four 20 something year old friends who all won the Powerball state lottery on the same ticket. Combined, they won 72 million dollars. The only issue is that they are all idiots. They have no wives or girlfriends, jobs or goals. They live in a modest rental house together, and every week they struggle to spend their enormous wealth in a different, ridiculous way in order to give their lives meaning. VOTE

Loveless Larry

Larry has been unlucky in love. He wants to know why. Larry is going to reunite with every one of his exes and try to figure out why he has failed at love his whole life. VOTE

Carson’s Revenge

Carson was never good at sports when he was in grade school, and he was always picked last. Sadly, Carson is now 25, and still not good, having been kicked off his work’s softball team. Carson sets out to prove everyone wrong by competing in grade school kids’ sports as the dominant athlete he knows he is. VOTE