It’s been an eventful offseason for Chris Bosh. As you might’ve heard, one of his Miami Heat teammates departed for Cleveland (something about “coming home”). Also, Bosh himself signed a five-year, $118-million contract to stay in Miami. And he visited everywhere from Dubai and Sri Lanka to Ghana and South Africa with his family, even riding an elephant or two.

But maybe the most curious summer move made by the nine-time NBA All-Star occurred earlier this month, when he announced via Twitter and Instagram that he had partnered with Philadelphia-based accessories brand Armstrong & Wilson to launch Mr. Nice Ties, a collection that will be available this fall.

We wanted to know a bit more about this new venture, so we hopped on the phone with the two-time NBA champ for a quick chat about neckwear. And, OK, basketball.

“I’m not sure if I’ll do anything beyond ties. I’ve learned that about myself. I can kind of think too far ahead. If you’re thinking too far ahead, you’re not really putting everything you need into what’s right now.”

How are you?
I’m doing well. I can’t complain one bit.

Good. So… ties?

Why ties?
Well, I’ve always loved ties. I’ve been wearing ties for a while. I guess I have the reputation of always being dressed up or something, and I thought that it just made sense. I have always wanted to get into fashion. The stars kind of lined up and it worked out.

I’ve gotta say, the ties are more understated and subtle than I expected them to be. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe ties with basketballs on them or something.
Yeah. For sure, ha ha. No, we don’t want to do that. I know what you mean. Initially that’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to really put my print on it and do designs that I like. And I’m more of a subtle guy.

Do you remember the worst tie you’ve ever worn?
I don’t know. Probably like one of my dad’s old ties. You know, those early ’90s ties with all the colors and cubes and triangles on them.

chris-bosh-tiesLooks like a pretty potent lineup to us!

What’s different about these ties?
The way we used the tipping fabric [the inner fabric] and tied that in with the regular fabric on the outside, and the neck bands, having those kind of consistently matching. There are some subtleties that separate us from everyone else. I think it’s fun. I think it’s something that people can have fun with but at the same time really wear it to anything they want, whether it’s serious or just having fun.

Are they longer than most ties?
No, it fits the regular-sized man. I mean, they’re not short. But I’m selling to guys that aren’t 6’11” like myself.

The collection has five neckties and five bowties. Do you have a favorite of the bunch?
I think the gray [necktie]. The gray is probably my favorite because of its subtleness. I like gray. You can dress it up. You can dress it down. You can do so many things with it. I think people will really be able to put their personal touch on their outfit when they wear that tie.

Are ties just the beginning for you? What’s next?
I have no idea. I’m just really focused on trying to put out cool ties, and I hope that people will like it. I’m pretty much just giving all my concentration to that and basketball, and my family. You know, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, it will continue to grow into something cool. That’s about it, man.

Shirts, socks, pocket squares?
I mean, I’m not sure. I’ve learned that about myself. I can kind of think too far ahead. I feel if you’re thinking too far ahead, you’re not really putting everything you need into what’s right now. So ties are right now.

chris-bosh-drives-past-tim-duncanWill Bosh and the Heat meet Tim Duncan and the Spurs in a third straight Finals? Only time will tell…

Which one of your teammates could most use one of your ties?
Well, you know, Rio could use it. Mario Chalmers. He doesn’t dress up a lot. He never wears ties, so… I think he could benefit.

I did want to ask a couple of basketball questions. Obviously, you lost a big piece this summer with LeBron James leaving for Cleveland. Do you feel like the Heat are still the favorites in the East?
I wouldn’t say we’re the favorites. I think the East is more wide open this year. A lot of guys have made moves and a lot of teams feel that they’re really ready to put their print on it, and we’re one of them. I don’t think that means we’re favorites, but if we work hard and we really hold each other accountable, do all the team things, do everything that’s necessary to win basketball games, we could be very good. But that’s up to us and we have to figure it out and make it happen.

And do you personally feel like this is a chance for you to take more responsibility on offense and sort of have a rebirth as a player?
Oh, for sure! Not so much a rebirth, just more of an evolution—the evolution of my career. And now I’m put back in a position where a lot is required from me. So, it makes me excited. It’s giving me a new excitement for the game and kind of refreshed my mind for next year, and it’s really gotten my attention. I have to make sure that I put in the work necessary for it, but if I do that, we could be a very good team.