Dirk’s been sick. Lebron’s been invisible. And Jeff Van Gundy, as always, has been hilarious. As we head toward the crunchiest of crunch time, we ask two All-Stars for their pick to take this grudgingly contested title. Not that we, you know, condone betting or anything.



Chris Paul, Point Guard, Hornets
Oh, man. If it was up to me, both teams would lose and the Hornets would get the  trophy! But really, I don’t know. It’s up in the air. I left Los Angeles and went to Dallas for Game Three—they’re both good teams.




Blake Griffin, Power Forward, Clippers
I’m going to say Miami is going to win. They’re just a tough team to beat.  You got to beat them four times to win, so I think that’s tough.


What do the rest of you hoops junkies think?


Reporting by Susan L. Hornik