Christina Hendricks hit up the premiere of her new film, I Don’t Know How She Does It, last night sporting a low-cut, high-cleavage look that seemed to draw a lot of attention for some reason. We’re guessing maybe it was the whole “high-cleavage” aspect, but it’s up for debate. In any case, here are some photos from the night if you want to try to figure it out for yourself.

Hendricks is best known for her role as Joan Harris on AMC’s Mad Men. Also, for her cleavage.

Though the majority of her career has been spent in television, Hendricks is now making moves toward film.

She’ll appear alongside Ryan Gosling in Drive this month, and has a number of movie roles lined up for 2012.

Here we see Hendricks pictured next to Olivia Munn—a more conventionally sized actress—for comparison purposes.

Of course, Hendricks’ true fans are looking forward to her return to television once the new season of Mad Men premieres in March 2012. Until then, we wait.