There are cell phone laws prohibiting you from talking and driving in a lot of states.  There are no laws on the books about driving and cooking scrumptious sandwiches.  You better get on this right away. 

For our money, roast beef doesn’t taste right unless it’s roasted at speed through an opposite lock drift.  It’s, frankly, a little bland.  Finally, there is a device in the called the Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker that brings that fantasy to reality.  It features:
•    Plugs Directly Into Your Cigarette Lighter Socket
•    Non-Stick Cooking Plates
•    Power-On Indicator Light
•    5 Amps
•    5 Foot Power Cord
•    90 Day Manufacturers Warranty
There is literally nothing we can think of that could possibly go wrong in the course of using this brilliant invention.  When you’re ready to buy it, get it shipped for $22.  [Buy it]