Circuit City has been getting it’s hard drive handed to it over the last few years. After getting killed by 50 year old salespeople on commission and a purchasing division that seemed to order product only AFTER it became popular, Circuit City is going to try a different approach. According to the Tribune

Circuit City Stores Inc. Chief Executive Philip Schoonover is hoping he can make more out of less in the latest attempt to turn around the big-box chain.

The nation’s second-largest consumer electronics retailer, behind Best Buy Co., plans to open 50 to 60 stores in the coming months in a new, smaller format that it calls the City. They’ll be staffed with Generation Y employees carrying computer tablets to look up stats on any product in the company. Shelves have been cleared of merchandise with ho-hum sales to focus on blockbuster sellers. Computers, cameras and video games are all hooked up and ready for hands-on testing.

The staff recites such mottoes as “Keep it real” and holds twice-daily rituals of “shameless self-recognition.”

Keeping it real? That saying is 10 years old. And who the hell wants to be helped by generation Y? They don’t even make eye contact and are more concerned with texting their friends than trying to help me find a printer cable. I have a plan for you. Put in the latest technology at the best prices in a store that is clean, spaced and well lit. I guess that’s too old school.