Sometimes a coffee table is a convenient place to rest your drinks, prop up your feet and hold some magazines or a conversation-starting hardcover book.

Other times, it’s all of those things, but also a mind-bending piece of art. Take the Black Edition Wave City Table (€6,500 or about $7,180), for example. It comes from Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris, a man who’s no stranger to creating custom furniture, including other statement-making tables. And here, he’s using wood, steel and some good old-fashioned 3D-printing technology to craft a curved skyline into a matte black table. It’s all dark and noir and just generally badass looking. And it’s a fascinating study up close, as you can see different details applied to each building.

Stelios was inspired to create the table after watching that scene in Inception. You know, the one where dream architects bend a city.

We saw that movie, too, but were just inspired to go down an IMDB rabbit hole and rewatch a few films from Leo’s catalog. So we’re glad that people like Stelios can see a movie and think: Hey, great place to put some coffee.