Ever walk into a library or a coffee shop with your laptop, open it up, and realize you are one of about eighteen identical-looking laptops in about a twenty foot radius? It doesn’t even matter if you’re a Mac or PC.

There’s somebody else in there who you could easily mix up your indistinguishable laptops with, which would be completely inconvenient, and perhaps a great inciting incident for that screenplay you’ve been meaning to write. Regardless, here’s a chance to discern yourself form the rest, and in way that keeps is classy (you were thinking writing your name on a piece of masking tape and sticking it on there, weren’t you?) Iamhumannow.com is offering a Classic Collection of laptop covers that includes four “timeless textile patterns and weaves.” You know the easily recognizable, nothing-you-haven’t-seen-before styles that would be “playing it safe” apparel-wise, but since they’re on your laptop will be totally bad-ass. These are the Red Plaid (pictured), the Glen Plaid, the Denim, and Micro Gingham. This is classy stuff; you’re going to be turning some heads with these. Each goes for $30.00 and can be found here.