The first step to planning a road trip is deciding where to go. The most important step though is deciding how to get there. So grab your road atlas, best friend and parent’s gas card. Get lost in the highways of America. Here are 10 of the most famous road trip routes in the United States.


US 83 – Canada to Mexico

US 83 is one of the shortest routes from Canada to Mexico and it runs almost down the center of the USA. From the map it looks straight as an arrow too. Also known as “The Road to Nowhere” this passes through some seriously sparsely populated country.

Great River Road – Follows the Mississippi. 

Technically this is not a single road but a series of roads following the Mississippi River. It’s over 2000 miles long and crosses 10 states. Each state governs the part of the route that resides in it.

I-95 – East Coast

From New England to Miami this is the East Coast highway. It’s massive and not very pretty but it’s magical in a way to turn off at a random exit and check out how much different life in that area is from where you came from. Anybody who has driven it south of Washington DC can tell will talk about the South of The Border signs. There seem to be hundreds of them advertising the attraction between South and North Carolinas.

US-20 Oregon Trail

Yeah you read that right. This highway follows along the old Oregon Trail. Where is Jeff? Oh that’s right he died from dysentery. US-20 goes a lot further than that though. At over 3000 miles long it goes across the country through Yellowstone Park, Chicago and Niagara Falls before terminating in Boston, Massachusetts.

US-50 Coast to Coast

3200 miles long from Ocean City, Maryland to San Francisco, California.  Part of it is known as “The Loneliest Road in America” and in 1997 Time magazine called it the “Backbone of America.” If you are looking to drive through a massively long stretch of desert highway this is it. If it’s a stretch of dessert highway you’re looking for try the Golden Corral.

Route 66 – LA to Chicago

The Mother Road. Main Street of America. By name alone the most famous road trip route in the country. This is where the glorification of American road trips comes from. It was decommissioned in 1985 but most of it is still there.  Ride through some of it, eat at a diner and grab a postcard.

US 1 – Overseas Highway in Florida

Connecting a series of islands from Key Largo to Key West the Overseas Highway run 127 miles long with ocean on either side. Surely one of the most beautiful and iconic highway in the United States. Featured in the intro to Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Guy Fieri has good taste. For highways that is.


Pacific Coast Highway – California

PCH! Frequently scene in TV and films even if you haven’t been on the Pacific Coast Highway you’d probably recognize it. It runs from San Francisco to San Diego, hugging the coast almost the whole way.

Cane River Road – North Louisiana

It is a 70 mile loop through one of the most fascinating parts of our land. It’s like a different country in Louisiana. The trees are different, the food is different, and the music is different. Even the language is different. It’s a great place to start with a new identity after faking your own death.

Hana Highway – Hawaii

Aloha Hana. It’s only 52 miles long but it takes two and a half hours because of how winding and narrow it is. Famed for its beauty there are waterfalls and wonders of Hawaii all along the road to drive through. The only way it could be better is if they put walls along it, only allowed bumper cars and got you drunk first.