Nothing signals the start of the NFL season like a bunch of crazy new ads featuring NFL stars–and this year is no exception. To wit: these fresh videos that just dropped today on YouTube. They’re for a major beef jerky brand and they star, in addition to Sasquatch, Green Bay Packers defensive beast Clay Matthews and New York Giants crazy-athletic wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Take a look for yourselves and make your own judgment, but our opinion is: They’re pretty damn amusing.

As you’ll see, Workin’ Out with Sasquatch is a fully integrated workout collection that breaks down physical movements, showing you everything you need to do to build a beastly physique. We love the ’80s motif.

Another thing we love: the comedic acting chops of Matthews and Beckham Jr. (Especially Matthews, who demonstrates total commitment, just like on the football field.) With Peyton Manning now retired, there’s room at the top of the NFL player landscape for a new commercial superstar, and these two guys seem to have what it takes to fill that role.

Hell, we could see Matthews becoming an all-out action star in films after his playing career is done. Couldn’t you envision him fitting seamlessly into Fast and Furious 15? We sure could.

Anyway, enjoy the beaver squats.

Photo and videos: Jack Link’s