Guys, I get it—you lead an active lifestyle and your shoes are likely to bear the brunt of your latest adventure.

But as you get older, you should be at least trying to preserve the cleanliness of the footwear you choose to invest in. Whether your got-to option is a pair of suede Chelsea boots, Timberlands or a simple pair of white leather sneakers, their upkeep is important.

That said, not all shoes are created equal. So here are some of the most common shoe materials and how to care for them. Follow this advice and it’ll serve you well in almost every facet of life, including, believe it or not, the dating game.

1. Suede
By far the trickiest fabric, suede needs to be cared for meticulously. Invest in a cleansing and protecting kit, as well as a double-sided brush, which can help remove those inevitable stains. If, however, you need more care, find a reliable cobbler. You don’t want to screw up suede.

2. Canvas
If you have access to a washer and dryer, use them. Warm water is the absolute best when it comes to getting rid of smudges, splatters and spots on canvas. Try using Shout or a Tide To Go stain remover pen before washing; then let them air-dry overnight.

3. Leather/Patent Leather
Just like those pesky suede shoes, leather shoes need a little R&R when it comes to maintaining their shine. Be sure to purchase the appropriate waxes that will help buff away any scuffs or marks on the shoes. Another key trick for leather: Get yourself a shoe-stretcher. Leather is a natural fiber and could potentially morph shapes if you don’t take precautions.

4. Mesh
Mesh shoes are rather delicate, so when it comes to caring for them, you have to be very touch-and-go. Be sure to dab small amounts of detergent onto the sneaker to help remove blotches. If there are more stains than you can handle, you are able to wash the sneakers, but only do so without anything else in the washer to avoid getting them snagged.

5. Rubber
Cleaning rubber is easy and breezy. Simply use two rags—one with dish soap and the other with hot water—to first remove dirt. Wipe them down with the soapy one first and then clean off the suds with the warm wet rag. Repeat this for a second time and they’ll be squeaky clean.

Photo: iStock/Bliznetsov